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Last Updated On: March 2, 2017

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Business Name: Electrolux Major Appliances, Inc.
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2715 Washington Rd
Augusta, Georgia 30909 USA

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Frigidaire Phone Number: 800-374-4432
Company Contact: Keith McLoughlin - President and CEO
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Average Rating: 1.19 out of 5
Based On: 36 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 12

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Reported Losses: $23,864.58
Average Reported Losses: $662.91

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Brand new frig never worked and they won't replace it

8/13/15 I bought a brand new Frigidaire. It made loud noises and did not keep food cold enough. Ended up losing all food in frig and freezer. this is 1/23/16. After 6 unsuccessful service calls to my home; time off work; using an ice chest with ice for months; got sick from poor nutrition related to not being able to prepare my own meals and from stress related to dealing with Frigidaire/Electrolux.

I was told if they couldn’t get it fixed by the time my one year warranty expired they would extend it another 6 months but would not replace the frig. It’s going on 6 months without a working frig when I paid for a brand new “American made” frig (as a Veteran that is important to me).

Their response to Better Business Bureau was that I was a “valued customer” but that they were not obligated to replace my frig. They already spent more on parts and labor for repairs than the frig cost new.

Not only is it unacceptable customer service it is financially absurd.

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We are into a two year battle to get our Frigidaire electric range(w/ double oven) replaced. Our first repair call was, “One Week”, after it was delivered. From day 1, the ovens (and the cooktop) have had wide temperature fluctuations, the temperature on the display is never the temperature in the ovens, which a person could work around that flaw, but the Ovens often won’t maintain that temperature! We have had main boards replaced, thermostats replaced, wiring harnesses replaced, the last thing that was tried by the tech (in consultation over the phone with Frigidaire central) was to “cut off’,… Read more »
I purchased my frigidaire refrigerator in December 2015 I had 5 repairs on the ice maker since then and now they tell because I am past my year they will not replace my refrigerator. This company knows exactly what they are doing . They keep doing repairs and make sure you get past your year mark and the consumer has a faulty appliance. I turned off the ice maker and we still have ice building up on the fan so about every hour I take a blow dryer and melt the ice off the fan so it doesn’t sound like… Read more »
I have a KitchenAid french door, bottom freezer refrigerator model KFIS29PBMS02 (02 is the engineering model).In the 1st year I had to schedule 9 half days to wait at home for service calls to fix ice maker problems including leaking inside the refrigerator: 4 to check the problem, 4 to try and fix the problem with parts and 1 for a new refrigerator to be deliver (engineering model 03). Now in the last 1.5 years: the freezer intermittently stopped working and all the food thawed out, and intermittently the ice dispenser dumps water and the ice melts into the refrigerator.… Read more »
Over a year ago I purchase a Frigidaire dishwasher (SN-TH44838255). 4 months into having this product it displayed a UO error. I contacted Frigidaire to request service. during the space of 6 months, Frifidaire have replaced the Control Board (TWICE), the Vent Fans (TWICE), and the Warring Hoariness (TWICE). I have spoken to a manager (so called) by the name of Daniele L. who told me that there is no one higher in the company I can speak with to rectify this problem. I expressed my frustration to Danielle L and requested that the product be replaced. However, Daniele states… Read more »
Have a Frigidaire Refrigerator. I emptied it out, turned it off and proceeded to wash the entire inside of the Fridge to keep it clean and sanitary. Glass shelves were set aside to be washed at the end so a cold shelf wasn’t put into hot water. When I finished the end of the “fridge clean”, I put the glass shelf (which was now at room temperature) in the dish water. It literally exploded and blew small pieces of glass all over the room. If I hadn’t been wearing my glasses, I would have had these pieces hit me in… Read more »
My update.. Had repair man come to see my ‘wave of the future’ combo totally computerized $1300 washer/dryer just to be sure nothing was wrong with it. He kept telling me I was wrong the machine was perfect. Update…traded in this piece of crap..just 4 months old for a older washer dryer with an agitator that puts in enough water to actually clean the clothes and a dryer that gets hot enought so it doesn’t take two hours to dry my laundry load. Couldn’t be happier to get rid of tht headache. EPA is ruining ourlives with their outrageous control… Read more »

Obvious this company cares nothing about the customers they should be listening to. I also purchased a Electrolux vacume cleaner on their web site… the idiots who work there totally screwed up my order. Refused it from FedEx and now they are saying they never got it. They are liars and cheats now. My credit card company is also batteling with them ovder the charges as well. Just the worst people own and operate this company.

Purchased their washer/dryer combo ..was told it was ‘top of the line’. Tthe water does not fill up the tub of the washer enough to barely get the clothes covered in water. The clothes are not clean. They come out all wrinkled and sometime I have to wash them twice to get the dirt out. It’s a water saver all right a stupid idea if I ever saw one.. you use twice the electricity with the cannot adjust anything it is completely computerized ! Heavier blankets have to be put it in the dryer heavy with excess water. Where… Read more »
Ive purchased a Frigidaire range in Dec 2012, the range was still under manufacture warranty when issues started to occurred and have the so call warranty company fix the range and replaced several part with no luck. the technician declared the range unfixable/unrepairable while still under the warranty and as of today Frigidaire will NOT replace the unit. However, claiming that the range was court on fire; ALL BS. completely frustrated and I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER FRIGIDAIRE PRODUCT AGAIN. TO THE CUSTOMER DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH EXTRA WARRANTY OR ANY OF FRIGIDAIRE PRODUCTS…..COMPLETE RIP OFF!!!!!! I STILL… Read more »

I bought an inexpensive – no whistles, no bells – stove at Menards. Best stove I ever had. Temp is right on the mark in the oven. Easy to clean. Doesn’t have a clock or a timer but for $5.00 I purchased both at Walmart and set them on a shelf. Problem solved. Menards was surprised I bought it for myself because they said it is traditionally used in “rentals”. I own my home and I love this stove.

Bought a refridgerator that was delivered on 10.5.2013. It died on 12.28.2013. It has been almost 2 weeks and it is still not fixed. I have been told it has to be rebulit and all sealed systems replaced. This was not even in use for 90 days and they will not replace. I still have no idea when it will be fixed. Sorry for the inconvience isn’t cutting it. How do you expect people to manage without a fridge. I lost all the food inside, missed time from work, and constantly buying ice to keep a few things. If it… Read more »
We purchased a Frigidaire, refrigerator in 11- 2009. Recently the freezer temp does not fall below 25 degrees.This happened days before Christmas and we lost hundred of dollars in meats, frozen foods etc.As a consumer I am very dissatisfied and frustrated. The fridge is 4 years old, my last one lasted over 25 years. We paid $600 for the fridge, its junk, the compressor failed. I had gotten 2 quotes from qualified techs.I am spreading the word to consumer products and all my fellow employees, friends, family, etc not to purchase Frigidaire products. I may even set up a blog… Read more »

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