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Last Updated On: August 11, 2017

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Business Name: ecobee Inc
Corporate Address:
250 University Ave #400
Toronto, Ontario M5H 3E5 Canada

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Phone Number: 877-932-6233
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Company Contact: Stuart Lombard - CEO
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Potentially Great Product Ruined by Negligent Tech Support

I really wanted to enjoy this cutting edge remote sensor based thermostat, primarily because my former thermostat is located behind some artwork and is not easily accessible.

Installation was difficult, as one of the wires required to supply power to the device was not initially connected.

I called tech support, and they initially seemed helpful. However, I was still experiencing power issues, so tech support advised me to connect, disconnect and jump wires with the low voltage system fully energized.

While following their instructions to the letter, my entire low voltage system failed on a hot summer day, and not even my former thermostat, which was fully functional, would power up.

With a dangerous heat situation in my home, I was forced to pay $135 to have a HVAC technician come out and replace 2 fuses in my low voltage system. The cause? Being improperly instructed to work on a fully energized system Ecobee tech support.

Then the “customer service” nightmare began.

Upon contacting the original tech, I was berated for hiring an outside contractor as I “should have fixed the problem myself.” I requested compensation for my HVAC repair and was flatly refused.

A supervisor was even less helpful, outright denying that improper instruction was given, denying that anything they instructed me to do could cause the failure and actually blaming me for breaking my own system.

Talk about adding insult to injury!

Avoid this company. A business that will not take ownership of problems its incompetent employees causes, let alone blaming the customer, is not worthy of my business-or your business, regardless of how good the product might appear.

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