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Last Updated On: March 9, 2017

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I called Dial One Hour at the recommendation of a friend and it’s the worst thing I ever did. I called them because the air coming out of my vents are severely restricted due to a raccoon getting underneath my mobile home and destroying the ducts. I called them on a Thursday and they came out on Sunday afternoon.

The technician, John was helpful and informed me that the ‘junction box’ was torn apart by the raccoon and had to be rebuilt. He also stated that all the runs (ducts) would have to be replaced. Since he didn’t have any material on him to fix it, he had to reschedule the appointment for the following Thursday (4 days later). This is where the nightmare started.

The appointment was scheduled for Thursday morning between 8am – 12pm. On Wednesday afternoon I received a voicemail from Craig, the Operations Manager of the Heating & A/C division informing me that he needed to push my appointment back because “something came up and they couldn’t make it”. I called Craig back a few hours later and also received his voicemail. I left a voicemail stating that the appointment could not be moved because of prior commitments I had. I never received a call back. I called back the following morning (the morning of the appointment) and again left a voicemail and received no response.

At 12:23pm I received a hang up call from a number I didn’t recognize so I called it back. It was the technician and he informed me that because I didn’t answer the phone he decided he was going to lunch and would be there when he was done eating. I asked why he didn’t leave a message and he told me he didn’t want to. I told him to just come over.

He showed up, and surprisingly didn’t have any material either. He had to go buy all the material he was going to need for the job. This was about 3pm when he got back to the house and got started on the job, more than 3 hours later than their on-time guarantee. My roommate got home around 4:45 pm and asked how the job was going. I informed him that he was getting ready to leave as the job was done.

My roommate went to each of the rooms to ensure all the vents were working and in fact they were not. He went outside to talk to the technician who was literally getting into his truck to leave. The technician said he was done and my roommate informed him that none of the vents were blowing air like they should and the technician argued with him about the air flow. My roommate then called the office to complain and waited on line more than 40 minutes for a manager to come to the phone.


When I finally got a manager on the phone, it was Craig, the Operations Manager who previously left a voicemail. I informed him that the job was not done and to please send some more people to fix the job appropriately. Craig informed me that he didn’t have all the material because the initial tech (John) didn’t inform him of all the issues. Craig proceeded to tell me it wasn’t his issue or fault that they didn’t have all the parts to complete the job. I asked whose fault it was and he said I don’t know.

I then asked why he only sent one guy when this job was expected to be 4+ hours long. He told me he only sent one guy because of scheduling issues with other guys. I told him it wasn’t my fault that he couldn’t figure out a schedule and that we hired them to do a job and we expected it to be completed 100% to our satisfaction. He told me the tech had done all they could do in the time frame allowed and that he only expected the tech to be there for an hour. I asked how one tech was supposed to rebuild a distribution box and run all new runs in an hour. He told me he didn’t know. I asked him to send more guys out to get the job done and he refused.

I then informed him we were not paying for anything until the job that we hired them to do was complete and he began to argue with me. I pointed out several issues including; (1) The fact that they missed they’re on time guarantee by more than three hours, (2) the fact that the initial technician didn’t notify his manager of the work that needed to be done, (3) that no one brought the appropriate materials to do the job; (4) that the job wasn’t even 1/4 way done.

Craig began to make excuse after excuse why his company couldn’t complete the job today and placed all the blame on us. He refused to accept any responsibility for anything that took place. I told him I simply wanted the job done and to send more guys out if need be. He adamantly refused and told me there was “obviously no pleasing me”. I told him I just wanted the job that I hired his company to do.

I mentioned I was calling the Attorney General and the BBB and he told me to “go ahead” and to also “call another company”. As I was talking to Craig, the technician came into the house and heard about 10 minutes of the discussion I was having with his boss (Craig). As soon as I mentioned we weren’t “paying a F***ing dime” the technician said he was leaving and just walked out of my house.

I grabbed my camera and headed to the A/C outside and I’ve never seen anyone speed away so quickly. I took pictures of the Distribution Box in question and nothing was done. The only thing the technician did was pull the insulation from the old box. I also informed Craig I was calling my attorney and he replied with “so”. I hung up on him and called my attorney.

WORD OF ADVICE: DO NOT do business with this company. They are a complete joke and will do nothing but screw you over. I am filing complaints with anyone and everyone I can. It may not be his problem now, but it will be by the time I am finished with him and his company.


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Unprofessional! This was my 1st time having Dial One come out to do maintenance on my furnace and air conditioner. The air conditioner looks untouched and still dirty and the technician left his dirty rags inside my furnace closet. He did not explain what he was doing, and didn t discuss the Customer Care program that may save me money. I called three times to speak with a manager about it, was told a manager would call back, and still have not spoken to a manager. They want your money but when you have a concern, it falls on deaf… Read more »

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