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Last Updated On: May 5, 2017

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Business Name: Louis Bruno LLC
Corporate Address:
4395 Corporate Square Suite A
Naples, Florida 34104 USA

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Bruno Air Phone Number: 239-330-2495
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Company Contact: Louis Bruno - Founder, CEO
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
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Reported Losses: $1,850.00
Average Reported Losses: $925.00

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Is Bruno Air a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

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Air Condition Rip Off

Total Rip Off! They did a great job of scamming me and I’m very upset about it. I’ve been in maintenance most of my life. I owned and successfully operated a CNC machine shop for 11 years before I retired, passing the business down to my son. I may not be an air conditioning expert but it didn’t take me long before I knew I was scammed.

Manny of Florida’s AC companies are scam companies, Just go to YouTube and you’ll find several sting setups where the service companies are caught scamming the customers. One sting set up, the first six AC venders all tried to take advantage of the customer by selling and installing unneeded parts and cost of installation. I found about this after I was scammed and stated to research the AC service on YouTube.

Here is my story:

My system is a Trane, two years old, still on warrantee. Bruno AC is very active advertising their service on the local radio stations. They brag about how good they are and how efficient their service is. Their service call advertises for $19.95 for February and March. But when I got my invoice they charge me $75.

My AC stopped working, the compressor outside was running but the condenser blower was not blowing air through the house. Gave Bruno a call.

With in an hour their truck was in my driver way. Technician goes directly outside to the compressor to trouble shoot, so I thought. He checks the Freon gas pressure. My AC was cooling just fine until the condenser blower failed, but yet he says that the system is low in Freon.

Well OK, add some Freon at a cost of $650. That’s just to add, regardless how much he puts in. Technician says, you have a Freon leak, we need to inject a dye to help us find the leak. The dye is a small tube of florescent dye that glows in the dark or when illuminated with a flash light, that make it easier to find the leak.

The tube of dye cost them about $20, and takes less than 5 minutes to inject at a cost of to the customer $650. That includes a second visit a few days later or up to a week later to spot the leak. My service call is now up to $1375, and he has not yet looked for the blower condenser problem!

He then checks the amperage draw of the compressor motor. Remember, I called for a blower problem. He says my amperage draw is very high and he needs to install a COMPRESSOR SAVOR kit. Wow, that a scary, if I don’t let him install this kit my compressor will burn out!

OK, install the Compressor Saver kit. Day after the install I did some research on the Compressor Savor kit that he installed. You can buy the kit on Amazon for less than $50. It took the technician less that 5 minutes to install. It just and extra capacitor that gives the motor and extra boost of voltage so the motor has and easier start. It does help, but its not a necessary item, if it was the factory would install them.

Cost of the Compressor kit, $350. Invoice now $1725, blower problem not looked at yet.

Technician says, when the last time you had your condensate line cleaned. I said, about a year ago. Condensate line is just a 1″ PVC pipe that goes from the bottom of the condensing unit to the outside. That’s so the water condensation doesn’t drip in your garage or attic.

Technician says needs to clean it. All they do is poor a gallon of water a little of biocide, beach or Lysol of sorts to kill the mold or mildew in the pipe. Prevents the pipe from plugging up. Took him less then 2 minutes.

They advertise on the radio that this is part of their service call and they even connect a vacuum cleaner to the end of the pipe to make sure its absolutely clean. We’ll he didn’t connect a vacuum cleaner to the end of the pipe. I even offered to connect my vacuum cleaner and he said not necessary. That’s $250 to poor a $5 +-, 1gallon of water biocide mix down a PVC pipe.

Invoice now up to $1975.

While he’s up on the ladder pouring the biocide down the condensate pipe he ask me start the AC up. Say’s, your right, the blower motor is not working. Even though the unit is two years old under warrantee, it will cost $650 in labor to replace (I’m OK with that charge).

Then he says he’s going to put me down for a service contract. Its really good deal and I will qualify for special discounts. Wow, what a deal, sign me up.

Now here a really good part of the Scam. He now needs to get paid before he leaves the property. Needs a check for $2,449.00.

They have you sign a small IPad that you cant read the print because its too small. You don’t get to see the invoice until its until email to your address. They also wanted a second signature that had absolutely no fine print. That really set off my suspicion! I refused to sign the second time.

So I give them a check for the amount. BIG MISTAKE ON MY PART! Its not over yet.

Remember the dye injected to find the leak $650? There suppose to send a tech to spot the leak a few days up to week after the ejection of the $20 dye.

After three weeks of no-show I give them a call. The service manager is at a meeting. No call back.

A week later a call again, service manager is t a meeting, no call back.

Next day a technician showed up in my driveway to inspect for the leak. No call from the service manager. Technician spent maybe fifteen minutes searching for the leak. Good news he says, NO LEAK!!

Really, I didn’t have a leak, they charge me $650 to find it!

Nothing but a money scam! After I got the email invoice and reviewed it I got very upset seeing how easily I was baffled into the scams. Beside of all the outrageous charges they charge me $175 for a Semi-Annul service contract. Remember the radio commercial, $19.95?

I made contact with Bruno’s office and told them that I did not want their contract. After all the money they ripped off me, that have nerve to say, WE DONT GIVE REFUNDS. Bruno would of been very smart to cancel the service contract and refund my $150. I would kept my mouth shut and moved on. That’s $150 is direct theft and I’m pissed off!

My wife and I have been snow birds in Florida for 5 years. Our first house in North Port also got ripped off by a AC company at a tune of $7000. We got ripped off by our insurance company here North Fort Myers. We had a water pipe break under the sink that caused $70,000.00 in damage. Insurance company said we didn’t shut off the water, gone for more then 30, days no coverage. That exclusion buried 17 pages in the contract in small print. How many snow birds are aware of that exclusion?

So, Bruno AC tipped us off the scales.

We come to this state(Florida) to enjoy our retirement and there are more vultures driving around in service trucks than flying in the sky for free meal.

Raymond Godbout

Bruno Air Conditioning SWFL location in above complaint – 28731 South Cargo Court Bonita Springs Florida 34135 239-785-2774


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