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Accused by Therapist of not being normal because I will not wear a diaper

I called a therapist in Winnipeg who my partner went to so she could help us. Her name, Lori Yusishen. I called her and explained to her that my partner was trying to force me to wear a diaper for his sexual enjoyment. The only reason why he connected to diapers was because one he was abused as a child, and secondly because he seen someone who helped his mother (who was heavy drinker at the time) putting his younger brother into a diaper and showing him love. After that my partner started to wear diapers as a way to be loved and as an adult tries to put women he has dated into diapers and says that’s his way of showing “love.” I myself, have an allergy to diapers and even as a baby I couldn’t wear them, so I had to wear cloth. I explained this to the therapist over the phone and said if you can’t help us, then I will go to someone else. Lori said she would be able to help. So my first meeting with her, I went on my own because I didn’t want my partner there until I found out whether or not to believe her with helping us.

January 03, 2013 I went to my first appointment with Lori Yusishen. As we started to talk she got me to talk a bit about my past so I told her I lost my fiance in a snowmobile accident back in January of 2003. I went through blaming myself of his death because I bought the snowmobile he was riding at the time of the accident. I went through this for five years. I also told her how my partner threatened to kill himself if I didn’t wear diapers for him. Lori then turned to me and said “I encourage this type (the diaper) of behavior.” Lori then said to me “If you don’t wear a diaper for him, he would commit suicide and do you really want another death on your shoulders?” I was shocked, disappointed and ready to cry because it was like she was blaming me for the chances of my partner hurting himself. Specially after she knew about the hurt and blame I went through after my late fiance was killed. She then told me “I can teach you to like wearing diapers.” I couldn’t believe it. It’s like this woman didn’t even care that I had a severe allergy to diapers, like she didn’t care about how my partner came about wanting me to wear a diaper. I told her that this diaper situation came on because of abuse and how this properly hasn’t been acknowledged. She didn’t even seem to care. Yet when I called her she said she could help us, she lied to me. She told me I wasn’t “normal” because I wouldn’t participate in wearing a diaper. I asked her is there some other suggestion you can make to my partner instead of diapers maybe cloth or something I’m not allergic too. She again said “I support his wanting to use diapers, and I could teach you to like it.”

My partner tried to date other women in the past who liked diapers but that was the only thing they had in common. We got together and we have everything in common except for the diapers. I am at such a loss because I love this man with all my heart and there’s no one I know who I can contact to help us. Now because of this therapist Lori Yusishen, he believes everything she said and that I should be wearing diapers for him. This therapist has ruined our lives by not helping us at all. This therapist put me into such deep depression after my session with her. I went to three other counselors after her including my doctor who said Lori Yusishen had NO RIGHT saying what she said to me, she didn’t even bother to acknowledge the true problem.

My partner and I are still together. We are still trying to find someone to help us to find a solution. If there’s anyone out there who can help us, I beg of you to point us in a direction of help.

As for Lori Yusishen, I have been trying to knock on doors to find someone who can tell my story about what this therapist has done. I will continue to knock on doors until someone notices because I am sure I am not the only person who has felt this way because of Lori Yusishen. I will continue to contact newspapers, write reviews on Lori Yusishen, and at times I wish a lawyer would see this because I know what she said wasn’t right. Even went to on to write the head therapist association in the USA where she was trained…their words to me, she called it as she seen fit. What type of therapy is that? I went to her only once then she tried to pass me off to someone who could give me “self esteem on wearing a diaper” how sick, so for the one hour session it cost me $225 for nothing.

Please if someone can help me, please help.

Thank you for taking the time to read.


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