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Last Updated On: December 27, 2017

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Business Name: Primary One Neighborhood Health Center
Corporate Address:
1800 Watermark Dr #420
Columbus, Ohio 43215 USA

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Phone Number: 614-859-1845
Company Contact: Charleta B Tavares - CEO
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Agency is in violation of revolving door policy for board members. CEO and CFO were both former board members and hired full time. Conflict of interest and appearance of other illegal activity. This needs to be investigated. These are federal dollars being used and there may be kick back schemes in place. The revolving door policy was established to protect these types of issues.

Board members are using there role as board members to obtain six figure salaries without really going thru a competitive process. The ex committee of the board appears to take a blind eye to this illegal practice. The city and federal oversight to regulate this activity is absent. Are there other suspicious activity taking place if this level of behavior is tolerated?

It appears that the board rules of governance may be altered so that this level of activity can take place and there is a paper trail to cover it up. what training do groups like this participate in as a method of training and education board members of this level of conflict of interest. This group has use this appointment process twice in a 3 year window, so its evident there there is no regards for the law and rules for this particular issue.

I could sit quietly and just sit back and continue to work at my store but I felt it was important to expose this group. This group should also be fined so that the next time they decide to take on shady behavior they understand the consequence.

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