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Poor Customer Service By Owner

The arpwave therapy was offered by my pudendal nerve surgeon. He did advise he had not much experience with the company, or its results, but that my condition was so bad, maybe it would help. He had no affiliation or payment after i asked. I called the number on the flier, was sent the machine quickly. Was told i would hear from field rep the next day to set up one on one setup and daily therapy. 1-2 wks went by nothing.

Called company, they acted surprised i had not heard from their rep. 1-2 wks go by again. I call demand no charge to my insurance and cod return of equipment. The next day their field rep calls to set up appt. I missed call from rep next morning not feeling well, never heard again.

On the day of my son’s wedding i received call from owner ( a saturday), saying how hard it was to reach me, and demanded his expensive equipment back. I had not heard from company prior to conversation with rep as stated. I returned call promptly that day and chewed person who said he was owner out. He took on my case personally. We skyped once, tried to put me through a series of tests with leads, said he could fix me. He asked for insurance info, then never heard from him again.

I awoke with sever leg cramps after first treatment, did not use again. I called advising of spasms, owner said spasms cant be caused by his equipment. I had my wife there to make sure i was putting leads on correct place, this time he had me put them in totally different place. I did get relief of spasms that day. But no further contact.

I called owner again, i asked for detail treatment plan, with expectations on daily / weekly increments, have not heard or received any treatment plan. (this is almost 6-8 weeks from start) and only 2 treatments!I ( btw i am a healthcare professional under treatment)

I packaged equipment up labeled return cod to arpwave, and contacted my insurance stating do not pay or authorize payment. This is very complex equipment, with lead placement crucial to any patients treatment.

If the company is only after money they should at least be held accountable for incorrect treatment. Most patients are at their last resort, not looking for more complications. I have full documentation of contact dates, voicemails, and so on, so i can back up what i am saying. I cannot put a lost dollar amount yet, for i have not received bill yet.

Official Responses from ARPwave Clinic

By: On: October 16, 2012

I am surprised by the comments made. Immediately upon concerns from the consumer we agreed to let them rent the system rather than license it( at their request) for a month to see if it worked for them. They were fully aware that the rental would be $750 for the month and the deposit of $1000 would be returned when we got the equipment back. Within 2 days we were informed they did not even want to try it and were filing a chargeback with their credit card company. WE agreed we wouldn’t fight it, but once started we couldn’t reverse the charge till the CC company cancelled the chargeback. We contacted the CC company numerous times and also our servicer with no luck. After a month the CC company finally deposited the funds into the clients account and they then returned our equipment. I don’t know what else we could have done for them. WE refunded their money in its entirety – Offered a trial of the service when they already had contracted for a full License. WE have helped people all over the world and are very concerned that our customers are dealt with fairly.

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Trying to sell my arp wave 6303620012 or email

Unquestionably the best for of therapy in existence today. Fox Sports Dallas just dd a feature story on the ARP Waves ability to eliminate the need for Tommy John surgery. To date, the clinic in Dallas has eliminated 50 cases, and Boston Globe picked up the story. My son had a torn labrum, and we spent $1,800 for 10 sessions. End of 10 sessions, labrum healed and he played in the following game, CLEARED by the school doc. I have done my research, especially when it came to my sons health, talked to the parents in McKinney Texas, Copell TX,… Read more »

There is nothing but anecdotal evidence. Dennis is too dumb to understand the difference between “empirical” and “scientific,” he used to use the terms interchangeably when questioned about the studies. Studies the world is still waiting for. This thing is a BOX OF ELECTRICITY. Of course it can harm you, and even screw up your nervous system in the process. You can get results, but you will pay through the teeth and probably still get scammed in the process.

I am a Chiropractor in Minneapolis Minnesota and have been using the ARP machine in my clinic for 12 years and treated thousands of patients with it. Like any therapy, it does not help 100% of the time but it is by FAR the best therapy device I have used in 20 years of practice. I agree with one of the comments below, though, that it is better to have the therapy done in a trained clinic vs. trying the at home route as pad placement and settings are critical for success. NFL and Olympic teams would not be using… Read more »

BEWARE!!! DO NOT USE!! STAY FAR AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree that the implimentation of the sale and rental of this device may be flawed and the sales strategies may be dishonest, but as far as i am concerned the works wonders. For those that it has helped it is well worth the money, and for those that it has not helped it is not worth the hastle.

I LOVE Arp treatments they have changed my life. Find an office to do the treatments if you are in pain.

I am a division 1 baseball player, I recently the labrum on my throwing shoulder. I was told that i would never be the pitcher that i used to be and that I could either get the labrum tear surgery; which has a 33% return rate and 9 month recovery time, or endure pain with every throw and have drastically reduced velocity and control. I used the ARP extensively for about 3 months, going through much pain and unpleasantness during that time. (this is normal when using the arp, no pain no gain) Not only is there zero pain when… Read more »

We bought one for my son who is a division 1 baseball player. He tore his acl in wrestling his 10th grade year in high school. Never had it repaired to this day thanks to the arp. No brace is needed. The knee does get sore sometimes but it is missing the acl. Also allowed him to recover from elbow surgery in less then two months. His doctor said he never saw that speedy of a recovery. The arp is uncomfortable to use but isn’t a scam.

BEWARE, BEWARE BEWARE, This is scam to the nth degree. I found out there is in place by State Law a CONSENT ORDER, against Denis Thompson and Arp wave. In legal terms that means a state judge sign a CONSENT ORDER against Denis Thompson and his claims about arp wave,to CEASE AND DESIST. If he still continues what he is doing he can be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. There are also many lawsuits against Denis Thompson and his coherts for fraud.

I was thinking about using this system, until I came across this site and a few others. I am not sure what to do. I am definitely heeding the warning by some of the individuals on this site, however why are there so many professional athletes (Tim Thomas, Dwight Freeney, Tim Hightower etc…) getting involved with the program (through evo ultrafit which uses the arpwave system). It’s not like they really need the money and want to get caught up in any kind of scam. So there has to be some truth to the system’s claims, right?

Find a licensed PT facility that uses the Arp Wave and try it. It has drastically changed my life. I was ready to give up and have back surgery when I was introduced to the Arp Wave by a PT specialist. He is working with many pro athletes with good success. I found you still need ocasional tune ups (once in two years for three treatments) but my pain level is down dramatically and my activity level is back to normal.

I will not speak about the business model of the ARP, it’s not something I can afford so I never gave it much thought. But I did go to a clinic after 8 months of a neck injury that I was about to have injury on to fix a disc issue. The arp is painful as it forces muscles to work that don’t want to. After each session I felt better and better and after about 8 sessions I felt normal again. I have been back about 15 more times for various minor issues. I have never been burned!! I… Read more »

Every negative thing posted here about ARP WAVE is absolutely true. These people absolutely can not be trusted. They lie, cheat and do it shamelessly. Furthermore, it doesn’t work. Every last one of these people are nothing but snakes!!!!!!!

I would be more interested to hear about if it works. If you pay for it and don’t get it that would be a scam if you pay for it and it doesn’t work that would be a scam. But if you pay for it theres hidden fees and all that and it works thats not exactically a scam thats just someone thats not reading all into what it intails. I would like to hear more from the people that have tried the machine and if it works or does not work.

Here is the break down for plans: Rental of ARPTrainer=$750 plus a $1000 fully refundable security deposit. This gives you 30 days of use. License of ARPTrainer: If after 1 month you want to keep it and Licence the device the total would be $10,000 and you would be credited your month rental and sec. deposit. License for the RX100 would be $18,000. All license plans come with guidence at a minimum of 60 hours. Oh yeah, and you also pay for shipping. This is something conveyed to all individuals who are seeking information on ARPWave Treatment. There is also… Read more »

I just had my 2nd arp treatment and I’m experiencing a great deal of burning in my shoulders and neck as well as a severe headache during the day. My Dr. said that it’s normal as the calcium deposits, arthritus and bone spurs in my neck are breraking up and that’s a good thing.
Is he right?

Make sure you are taking in sufficient protein to offset the workout your muscles are being put through. I didn’t on my first treatment and was VERY sore the next two days. After that I used the protein supplement as proscribed and the soreness was very minimal. And the Arp Wave fixed my chronic back pain.

Ask your Dr. for published evidence in support of his/her statement – he/she won’t be able to produce a shred of evidence! This machine is dangerous to use around the chest or neck (my opinion) because our hearts and brains depend on electrical signals to work. The arp wave machine messes with normal electrical activity – and I would suggest, thus the headache.

Its a scam. I was told I would get financing for the machine as a licensee to treat people with it. 2 weeks after the machine the company sent out an email trying to collect from me $1000 and then another $600 after telling me that I didnt receive financing. I told them they didnt provide any of the services they initial promised "business in a box" and I am not paying those amounts. I got an extention for another 2 weeks which would have made it a month since starting a normal billing cycle for any other venture u… Read more »

Clara’s statement is completely true by my experence also!

"ARP Wave is a shameless group of con artist that is scamming those that have looked to them for help when they had little help of recovery by conventional means."

I had dealings with them a year ago and find it hard to believe they haven’t changed their name.

These people are crooks!

Clara: Everything you said is a COMPLETE fabrication of the truth. I am opening my very own ARP clinic in Dallas after spending hours and hours watching them treat people and seeing the effect this amazing technology had on people. What you have FAILED to grasp or even SEE is the hundreds of people they have gotten out of wheel chairs, stroke victims that have gotten their lives back in addition to the HUNDREDS of pro athletes who trust their MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR CAREERS to their system!!! Your complaining about "outrageous fees???" For real? How about the surgeries people have AVOIDED… Read more »
Excuse me!!! This is snake oil medicine. I happen to know pro athletes. You are full of crap!Have you ever had your ankled shattered! I have! My Orthopedic surgeon gave me my ankle back in full form. Im walking around in high heels again. This is a glorified ultrsound to get rid of immediate pain, nothing more. Arp can’t fix that. The best orthopeadic surgeon can and did for me the best medical treatment. The physical therapy has to come from within your body and the inside process, Not from some artificial stimulation. All this scam Arp wave is a… Read more »
I know it’s been a while. But I went through over 20 treatments and it was painful during and after the first few treatments after that it is still pretty painful during treatments but as your body is repaired it is great. I want to ask anyone who has one and doesn’t want it to contact me at 928-848-9276. I will purchase it. I have not had any body call or contact me. That tells me that this product works beyond belief since it is so hard to find. Don’t believe me, do your own search and see if anyone… Read more »

why, what do you have to hide or edit?

I’ve not only done my research but was an ARP guide for these jokers. Jay is absolutely ruthless and has no concern for people that have proven through their life’s work that they want to help people change there lives. After being promised by Tram that I would make 100,000 a year i reluctantly paid the 5,000 dollars and flew to Arizona to attend a weekend long training that consisted of Jay Talking about himself and his Ferrari and Ducati. I actually treated several patients over skype and was good at what I did. After seeing people not achieve any… Read more »
Mark, You are clearly drinking the cool-aid still. Yes this company does in fact run a scam. Yes, Mark ARPwave has provided care for and successfully helped hundreds of people that were in pain but they did this by skirting federal and state laws while at the same time throwing those people that invest in this system under the bus. Meaning that they never disclose how and what needs to be done in order to effectively and legally operate this business. Does this system help? Yes it does if it is done correctly and I can tell you that ARPwave… Read more »

Devon please call the clinic and ask for the operations officer and we will try and take care of whatever has been a negative experience for you. There has obviously been something to ignite these feelings.

"The difference is that if you go to a chiro or a massage therapist, herbalist, and the list goes on and on, they don’t turn around and charge for things unspoken and or they don’t slide in other types of charges and continue to hold the patient hostage with the idea that the only way they can get healthy is to go through them and only them."

What did they charge for that they said they wouldn’t and how would they hold a patient hostage?

I also wanted to add that we wanted to rent it and see if it was right for us and we were talked out of it. We were told that we had to pay $750 for a one month rental and $1000 deposit for the machine and since that was only a little bit away from a down payment that we should go for the plan and forego the rental. First it was 90 days same as cash then it was suddenly 60 when he checked because the sakes guy has no idea of what the actual finances were. We… Read more »

Sorry John I thought you were a plant from ARP and I read your words wrong. ARP lies by omission they do not tell you that they are going to charge you forever until you give them your credit card information!!!

No one said the complaint was resolved, what are you talking about John? I just posted it today and you are the ones with the iamge issue. I like many others have found you out to be a fraud and little puzzled post aren’t gong to save you.


You know what you do and responding in a puzzled manner to the truth and saying that it is another website is an out and out lie, your website is linked on this page. Try these one for size. Have you ever heard of lting by omission, you wrote the book.

Umm how could a complaint from September 10th be resolved already? I also search Google for the content of the complaint and it doesn’t show up on any other sites, sorry ARP, don’t lie it doesn’t help your image.

This is an old complaint from another website and Dr. Parker’s complaint was processed and the outcome was to his satisfaction. Our goal is to help people achieve a better quality of life and when there are mistakes in customer service made we rectify them immediately.


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