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Close allows users to complain about Health Services companies, businesses, or websites. If a Health Services company has done something wrong to you submit a consumer complaint today and let the world know to watch our for this company.

Unless you are a super human you have probably become ill at some point in your life. And when home remedies were no longer effective you probably went to the doctor or local clinic to receive some form of health services. Whether the person is a young child or an aging adult health services will be needed as some point.

A number of businesses offer health services and there is also health service coverage that you can purchase for yourself. So does the coverage you pay for even out with the kind of service you receive? If you have vision coverage does your health service provider only pay for the glasses or contacts or do they pay for the eye exam as well. If you have a co-pay does the co-pay seem a fair amount or is it really high?

When you go to the hospital does it cover emergencies? If it does cover emergencies is there a total percentage that is covered and you have to cover the rest or is there a specified amount you have to pay such as $100 and your health service provider covers the rest? Are the health services facilities the ones that are failing to meet your expectations? Do the staff perform in an unprofessional manner? Do they not seem to be knowledgeable about what they are doing? Have there been billing errors because paperwork was not processed properly?

Are there falling standards for health services that provide service to the disabled or elderly? Are many health service facilities finding that their funding is cut so there are not as many long term care stay facilities as may be needed? Is the cost of health services increasing because there are more people needing health services than there are with people with insurance or money to pay for the services?

Some health services facilities may be without the most modern and sophisticated technology to help them diagnose and address medical problems? Does equipment fail or break. If something breaks is it replaced or is massive rescheduling done because of poor equipment?

Are there not enough ambulance or EMT service in an area? Are budgeting costs so strict that some healthcare facilities are closing or relocating to larger cities that may be over a half an hour drive from where you live? Have you seen abuse take place in a health service facility, whether it is physical abuse of patients or against employees? If you have health service complaints then please share them with us here at We want to know what health service is not providing the way they should.

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