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Last Updated On: June 6, 2017

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Reported Losses: $60,723.84
Average Reported Losses: $6,747.09

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Is Kaiser Permanente a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

HIPPA Breaches Deleted With Help From The OCR DMHC HHS Cover-ups

I have documents since January 19, 2012 up to today August 6, 2015 about what really happened on January 19, 2012 & my appointment I had January 19, 2012 in Fremont California Kaiser @2:14 pm Never got to see the doctor that day Kaiser had canceled it without telling me so from 2:14 to 2:55 pm I left but not before looking at my “Medical Information Receipt” which was a “Reprint” that means someone else signed in for me before I even got there. When I looked at my Receipt it had another members medical information when I asked for mine it to was a “Reprint”.

Besides filling the Hippa Breach Violations in my Kaiser Member Online Account from the “Drop Down Menu” to filing complaints with the OCR DMHC & HHS all appeals were closed & in the OCR’S DMHC & the HHS Kaiser was given “Technical Assistance” for these Hippa Breach Violations along with the emails pertaining to them.

On January 16, 2015 I called Kaiser to ask for my medical information for Social Security this was Three (3) years ago this breach happened. The Kaiser Employee informed me that I had Three (3) appointments on January 19, 2012 one with Dr. Hinman in Orthopedics in Fremont another one with a Dr. Kreck Critical Care in Fremont & another one in Hayward California with a Dr. Kraetzer Orthopedics. All these appointments were canceled All on the same day. I don’t know when the Hippa Breach Violation emails went missing I only found out they weren’t there when I went into my Kaiser Online Account to view the Hippa Breach Violations I had filed.

When I was told by the Kaiser Employee about what really happened that day & what I had been put through & still being put through to this day I went totally “Crazy” how dare they use me to cover up there violations of Kaiser Members Rights. Now, gloves are off & its time to “Splatter” this mess with documents old & new all over the World Wide Web, so people can see for themselves if they want Kaiser as a Medical Plan along with just how much they really care about you.
Not only that but that day January 19, 2012 I argued with the receptionist about my co pay she kept telling me it was $45.00 I kept telling her it was $40.00 ended up paying $45.00 instead.

The other Kaiser Members Medical Information Receipts co pay was $20.00. All of these Medical Information Receipts were “REPRINTS” Kaiser can’t give me the original they have NO idea Who Has It Oh what a mess! There are thirty-five numbers from my Reprint to this members Reprint & that’s only in the Kaiser Ohlone Building in Fremont California who knows how many there are in the Critical Care Department in Fremont California & Kaiser in Hayward’s Orthopedic Department oh what a mess.

Someone tried to get a refill with my medical record number my name & the prescription it self along with getting my password for my Kaiser Online Account to delete these Hippa Breach Violations. If you are interested in looking at these documents & what the answers are that Kaiser Membership Services answered they are listed below. These are actual documents from Kaiser.

Since this has happened April 2012, 2013, 2014, & 2015 someone has used the information that Kaiser has & have filed taxes on my SS#, I had to fill out all kinds of paper work not to mention proving who I was filing police reports calling all three credit bureaus filing with the FTC & send my tax return by mail along with filling out forms for the IRS I have had to file for another Kaiser Medical Record Number ALL because of WHAT Kaiser DID and is still doing today. I hope that the state & federal government agencies investigate Kaiser Employee’s before they investigate anybody else.

What is even more Outrageous is that Kaiser has gone into my online account where I do all my correspondence with Kaiser & they have gone in & removed anything & everything pertaining to these Hippa Breach Violations from my Kaiser online account. & Removed anything that pertains to my Hippa Breach removed ALL my emails completely from my online account that were filed about the Hippa Breach Violations in 2012 & along with other months that discussed the Hippa Breach Violations this included emails missing in March 2012.

If you look at this documents & what I have put on them you can understand just how frustrating this has been not to mention my personal life & identity in jeopardy.
Kaiser used me as a “Safeguard” which is mentioned in the OCR DMNC & HHS documents these are instructions that Kaiser was given. Now these agencies “Off Consumer Rights” OCR the “Demented Mangled Hell Care” DMHC & the “Hell non Human Services” HHS want my help what nerve. They can’t reopen this complaint according to the laws & rules they have go by & it is stated in there letters they have sent me they can’t.

It has cost lots of money & time not to mention the stress level since this started in 2012. These agencies listed want me to send them what I did back in 2012, 2013 & 2014 sorry to say I gave this information to them many times & I’m pretty sure they just tossed it. They denied my appeals & just brushed me off along with there “Good Buddies” Kaiser. With what has happened & is still happening looks to me like they need to get together & figure out what to do I mean look at this MESS. I informed them that if they want these documents they can go on the World Wide Web & dig for it & not all the same documents are on these websites, they are scattered everywhere.

These are review numbers on Pissed Consumer 583279 640442 589191, 451134 these are the review numbers for pisssedconsumer this is one of the report numbers for Rip-Off Report 1203675 there are updates on some of these posts.

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