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Last Updated On: January 2, 2018

Contact Information

Business Name: L.A. Fitness International, LLC
Corporate Address:
2600 Michelson Dr Ste 300
Irvine, California 94710 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 949-255-7330
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Jill Greuling - V.P. of Operations
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.15 out of 5
Based On: 49 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 21

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $70,450.76
Average Reported Losses: $1,437.77

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Back in April, I enrolled for a year long membership at LA Fitness in West Saint Paul. They offered be a free Personal Training assesment as part of the sign up. A couple days later I showed up to said assesment and afterwards they asked if I would be interested in taking some sessions.

They told me I could sign up for a year for just $279, the guy telling me said that comes out to about $5 a session. Now I am new to personal training in general, nad had NO idea that this rate was too good to be true. I was shown a contract, and they told me it was a generic one and not to worry but the stuff we agreed to would be on it.

Come to find out later that was not the case, When signing said contract, I signed an electronic pad, who knows what they copied that signature to. I started getting charged $180 monthly. When I called, and told them how upset I was, and that it is illegal to mis-represent a contract, they told me to call corporate, who then told me to call that location again. I told corporate NO, that they mislead me on the contract, but they said I signed it, and that I am liable to pay for the commitment, or pay half of the remaining year to get out.

Additionally, I received a shoulder injury, and have been told to take it easy on it for a few months, I was told I was SOL for those sessions I can’t use due to an UNFORSEEN INJURY.

I recently filed a BBB complaint and a complaint to the MN Attourney General, and we will see where it goes from there.

So far I am out several hundred dollars, but I will be fighting this.

LA Fitness – 1611 S Robert St West St Paul MN 55118 | 612-913-5792

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La fitness in
25145 Cedar Road
Lyndhurst, OH 44124 his manger his name is Dan is so rude with me escpecilly when i cancel the membership . i spoke to customer service it seems no one cares

I am glad you didnt get anything. You knew it was wet you slipped your fault period! I am so tired of folks like you being nidgewits and then trying to get money for being careless. So glad you got nothing!!

I thought it was important to show you what our LA Fitness in Deerfield Beach (1000 East Hillsboro Blvd. Deerfield Beach, FL 33441. (954) 418-3330), gym looks like at 5:00 a.m. every morning of the week! Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings are by far the MOST disgusting days to enter the gym. Not only is it filthy but it’s a mess. You should be paying our morning workout team for putting back weights wiping down nasty sweat and kicking trash to the side so that we can actually workout without used paper towels and empty bottles all around us. We… Read more »
i was a member of la fitness on panola rd lithonia ga i had joined right around the first couple of days they were open. i was able to workout there for about two weeks before i get a call from la fitness saying my membership had been revoked for training inside of there gym. but the crazy part about it i was never warned or anything. so my wife went there to see what the issue was since i couldn’t go back in and come to find out they didn’t know she was my wife and the reason i… Read more »

When companies become successful, they quickly forget to provide quality customer service. I am very disappointed tin the fact that LA Fitness has such a commanding share of the market in the Metropolitan Detroit area. Although my personal interest in fitness is temperamental; my current disbelief in their lack of quality customer service has peaked my interest.

I was going to travel abroad and I cancelled my membership in writing which was month to month no contract after I came back 11 months later I find out that there were charging me for 12 dollar every month. I called them and ask what was the 12 dollar they said I was put on hold so welcome back to LA F- haha DO NOT GIVE TO YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER TO LA FITNESS…

In February, the company offered an extra month of membership for renewals prior to the expiration date. I renewed well before, but the extra month was not included. When I called, the agent told me the company changed its policy and would not honor the offer. This is most disappointing, primarily due to the lack of honor displayed by the corporate hierarchy. The good news is that there is more than one way of resolving this, which most certainly will cost the company far more than the small revenue shortfall that would have resulted from handling this properly.
CANCELLATION SCAM at L.A. FITNESS! Got a call in 2011 about credit card that didn’t go through for our 3 memberships. We told them to use the card for 2 of the three but to cancel the third membership, since that member of the family had never and would never use it. They agreed they would go ahead and charge the card for 2 but not for the third. Sent form in, as well. Discovered 2 years later that they reinstated charges on for the third member of the family a month or two later, without our consent. Hence, we… Read more »

Beware of signing a personal training contract. You will not see the contract or fully aware of the terms until you sign on a magnetic/ computer signature boxes. You only have 7 days days to cancel, of which you are not told and is in mice print in the contract. If your credit card expires, they will call you incessantly, threatening you with all kinds of late fees until you give them another card. They called me over 20 times over 3 days.

That was the La fitness in Kennesaw Georgia on wade green road !

If they keep billing you I would suggest changing your credit card!!

I joined LA Fitness 2 weeks ago and can already tell that there’s no body to observe what’s going on in the gym. A person could have a heart attack and no personal would ever take notice. This corp is total bs. They have nice equipment if you can wait 15-20 min until a rep gets off the phone to get help on a simple anything. I miss when folks gave a darn. Once you turn down a rip off personal trainer (thank god I didn’t fall for that crap)!!! program. you’re invisible. Just ask another member who looks kind… Read more »
I am an personal trainer employee of L.A. Fit, I know this is a forum to insight change or draw attention to many issues that the bucks are being past instead of facing the issues head on and correcting them. I agree with 100% of the previous comments. Me , as an employee get the run around when it comes to information. As a Trainer with a background in Kinesiology, Rehabilitation, and Performance I only get paid for 1 Certification , when with my education it should be all 3. Not to mention the promise after promise of a raise(… Read more »
I have been member of LA fitness for 1 year (two times). Its always hard to cancel gym membership and you would always end up paying one or two months extra. The real scam is the personal training program. I joined the program along with a friend and was told that personnel training fees would be split-ted between two of us. We were greeted very warmly on the first day, after signing the contract skeletons started falling from the cupboard. For first 6 sessions had 3 different trainers, nobody had any idea of what exercise we did or should be… Read more »

I have been a member since our local club began in 2005. My wife has cancelled her membership and it has taken a month, multiple emails and calls, and failed attempts on the website to get the forms. In addition to this LA Fitness seems to really carry an apathetic attitude as to whether we stay, referred new members (which we did 5 times), or went to the gym. Probably the nicest workers are the custodians.

LA fitness is an armpit! Today 10-27-12 LA fitness Tustin surpassed even my low and nill expectations for their terrible filthy mess. 3 bikes were out of action and three peices of equipment. Floor was littered with weights and barbells and the staff (as usual) was engrossed in their phones and computer screens. The carpet is delaminating, no one concerned about their safety should use the showers and I really appreciated their concern when the police had to come and break up a fight in the Zumba class because these idiots let 110 people into the class at a time.… Read more »



The sales person lied to me when I signed up for personal training – said I was able to stop doing sessions whenever I wanted – NOT THE CASE. Called to cancel, went in to the gym to call and got the runaround for 2 weeks! Finally I called head office who basically said YOU SIGNED UP FOR IT SO YOU’RE STUCK WITH IT! What kind of customer service is that?! and why are they not asking the sales person about their sales pitch. false information!!!! I then froze my personal training and they took the money from my account… Read more »

Rachel, what did you do in the end? Did you take any actions? I am in the same situation – lied into a contract I did not see for over a month. I am looking for suggestions. Thanks,

LA Fitness Vaughan has the most horrific approach to members. I went in to inquiry if my Don Mills membership was good there and they wouldn’t even speak to me. Sent me to Don Mills. My friend who is a member was kicked out of the pool for being on deck in shorts and not wearing a bathing suit. No warning, no polite conversation. Treated her like dirt.

They make up policies as they go along and can’t even defend them.

Stay far away from the place.

Complete misrepresentation. I went in to LA Fitness Vaughan located in July 2012 and told them that before I sat down I wanted to make sure I can cancel at any time without penalty. The guy takes out a contract and highlights the part where it says I CAN cancel with written notice 10 days before my next payment. Convinces me to get a trainer, sign sign sign and away you go Miss with my two toddlers in my hands. I have been injured with a foot problem and cant use the membership so I canceled it only to find… Read more »

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