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Last Updated On: November 29, 2017

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Business Name: Curves International, Inc.
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100 Ritchie Rd
Waco, Texas 76712 USA

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return check

Me and my husband purchased zumba clothing at curves in Dec and they never told me policy’s on return checks we didn’t know nor get informed on that .my husband pays the money for the zumba clothing but another ,$25 on top of that just to make it worse my husband broke his ankle and they demanded the money the next day treating us and causing conflict not only that calling us liars .and curves also said they have a returned policy’s just like WalMart or stuff but no policy’s is up in the store. when we 1 st went there we did check on the account and it ant showing that they tried but the bank charged my husband the $25 not curves and did not signed nothing on checks policy’s .and making threats putting it in legal get us scared and trying to look and see the personal bank account also to but confidential agreement .and stating that they know all the d.a. In town here treating that there going to go in and see .acting like they know all ppl in the legal system

Never in my life I had to deal with customer service like this feeling down grading and like treated like were stupid after I told them im pay in cash when I get paid not til the 20 th .bit demanded a payment within 24 hours.not only that curves owner shows off like a **** on Facebook and showing provocative pictures online .and being that zumba company as well is very disrespectful on zumba and curves. as I being a zumba instructor be more tasteful in respect in showing my body in public .i well never buy or purchased nor be a member nor instruct there .i believe businesses is should be truthful to standards of the law not because making there own laws as it goes or policy’s were just trying to make a living and business.this is unprofessionally the way this is handled and I’m ready to go and hire a attorney because I’m just trying to earn a living also.but no conflicts ……


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Wow, Tina – you must go to the same Curves as I do. I, too, am thoroughly disgusted with my local Curves. Going back one year, they have either closed completely for the day or closed early 22 times on days they are supposed to be open!! Every single time it snows, they close!! The owner has admitted to me that they are scared to drive in the snow. I am paying a monthly fee to be able to go and work out. As it is, they are only open from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm M-F and 8:00 am… Read more »

Why are you closing the curves gyms in Sarasota-Bradenton area?
From a member who has been there for 8 years.

I, too, am thoroughly disgusted with Curves. I have been a long-time member but will not renew in 2013. The facility is frequently closed and the hours are horrendous. While most of us look forward to working out on Saturdays, they are only open from 9:00 – 11:00, which, for many, does not fit their busy schedules and it is a struggle to get there . Members’ needs and satisfaction are second to the manager’s personal agenda. I was preparing to work-out this morning, Saturday, December 22nd, only to find that they are closed until January 3rd!!!! I am livid!… Read more »

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