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Last Updated On: September 13, 2017

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Business Name: Body Fit Personal Training Cross River
Corporate Address:
890 Route 35
Cross River, New York 10518 USA

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Phone Number: 914-763-1204
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Mary Tedesco - President
Corp Website:


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Is Body Fit Personal training a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Fraud of Bodyfit Personal Training

This is a personal training and fitness center located in Cross River/Lewisboro NY. It is the only gym in the town. The owners are Mike and Mary Tedesco. They both claim to be certified personal trainers and health professionals. Mary Tedesco is Martha Stewart’s personal trainer and has even appeared on her show on live TV.

The reality is that neither she nor mike are actually currently certified by any organization as personal trainers or anything else. Mike was certified as a personal trainer by ACE in 2008, but never re-certified. Mary has never been certified by any organization ever, nor holds a college degree(this has been researched). She claims to be a “Master Trainer” from AFAA.

Neither of them are CPR or AED certified, they do not hold liability insurance(if they hurt you, you are out of luck), nor is there an AED in the gym(if you have heart attack there you probably won’t make it). Being a well educated fitness professional and former employee, watching both Mike and Mary train clients was eye pain. Mike trains all of his clients exactly the same over and over every time they came in.

Some of the clients I had trained of his had terrible balance, bad posture, weak muscle strength, and low cardio endurance. One client I saw of Mike’s had difficulty walking when she had no physical impairment. Some of his clients have developed moderate to severe tendonitis from doing the same exercises over and over again(because of lack of education in Mike and Mary’s training) in their lower extremity.

As a result a referral to an orthopedic was necessary. They charge $130 per session with no discounts(even though he runs “sales” he does not discount his prices ever.). The equipment is old and desperately needs maintenance. When it breaks, he doesn’t repair it. I’m surprised no one has been injured on the equipment.

He pays his trainers between 15-20% of the session price and he does not listen or respect his training/reception staff. This is main reason why the turnover rate with trainers is high.

Even though this gym is the only place in this town, the risks of plateau, wasting your money, or injury is very high. Not to mention the astronomical pricing for non-certified trainers is not worth your time or health. Do not train or work out there.


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