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Close allows users to complain about Gyms / Fitness Clubs companies, businesses, or websites. If a Gyms / Fitness Clubs company has done something wrong to you submit a consumer complaint today and let the world know to watch our for this company.

Part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle comes from eating well and making smart food choices, trying to not over stress, as well as incorporating a healthy active routine into daily life. With a fast paced world it can be relaxing to go to the gym and work out for an hour. Not only will you be staying active and working your muscles to stay toned and trim but the release of endorphins helps you feel satisfied and proud of your accomplishments.

In order to get the best workout you can you probably joined a gym or fitness club with a variety of cardio and weight lifting machines so you can diversify your workouts. You want everyone to be courteous and respectful of other gym members as well as the gym equipment. You also expect the gym equipment to be clean and in good working order. Have you joined a gym or fitness club and found that the environment is not to your liking? Are the clientele more judging than supportive? Have you gone to the gym and made to feel uncomfortable because of your gender, weight, age, or ethnicity? Even if nothing was said out loud were you left with the impression that you were not welcome? How are the trainers? Do they treat everyone with respect and support or have there been times you’ve been looked at or treated inappropriately. Are there cases of sexual harassment that go unreported or ignored?

Is equipment properly maintained and kept clean? If a machine breaks is it quickly repaired or replaced with a new machine so that everyone has equal opportunity to vary their work outs? Part of staying healthy is staying in a clean and healthy environment. You don’t want to work out in a place that has a perpetually leaky roof. You don’t want to shower if there is mold growing around the facility. Have you had experienced working out at a gym that wasn’t cleaned regularly. If the facility had a pool was there enough or too much chlorine in the water?

Have you experienced billing problems with your gym? Perhaps your gym offered a deal where a new gym membership gave you the first month free but you have been repeatedly billed for the supposedly free month. Or perhaps a deal where you refer a friend and receive a credit for your bill but you was charged the same regardless. Were you subjected to various fees and continued gym membership fees? One common complaint about large gyms is the continuous increase in gym fees and the difficulty of canceling a gym membership. There are claims from people of being continuously billed after a gym membership was cancelled causing some people to consider leaving larger gyms for smaller private gyms even though larger gyms provide more luxuries in terms of spas and child care services.

If you have been billed after canceling a membership how long has it been since the membership was cancelled but they continue billing you? Was it a long process before you were able to cancel your membership at all? Have you been a victim of increasing gym membership fees or have you bought a year’s gym membership and shortly after joining the gym it closed? Were you reimbursed the money you paid for the membership?

If you have a gym and fitness club complaint then share it here at Share with others your knowledge about which gyms should be avoided and why they should be avoided. You’ll help others to avoid bad gyms and feel better knowing you’re spreading the word about a bad business.

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