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Last Updated On: January 5, 2018

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Business Name: R Guns Inc.
Corporate Address:
855 Commerce Parkway
Carpentersville, Illinois 60110 USA

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Phone Number: 847-428-3569
Corp Email: rguns@rguns.net
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Average Rating: 1.14 out of 5
Based On: 21 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 101

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Reported Losses: $11,565.00
Average Reported Losses: $550.71

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rgun crap product crap service

On 8-2-13 i purchased a 20″ bull barrel upper from rguns brick and mortar store got it to the range and test fired it all 10 casings stuck in the chamber had to bump buttstock while pulling charging handle to eject them, sent the upper back to them for repair, and after being abused by the owner of rgun I received the upper today and what do you know it works worse than when I sent it back.

After much more abuse from rguns I am filing a complaint with the consumer protection agency and posting videos of just how good their crap is.


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Alternate Business Names: Sportswestus


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WORST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE EVER! If I could give a zero rating I would. I went into this store and dealt with an extremely rude and arrogant sales associate. I walked out after being treated horribly and sent an email to the company. The same rude sales associate wrote me an email back insulting me and continued to be rude. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THESE GUYS!

Please be sure to specify rguns.net …. Rguns.com is a legit family business in Texas hurt by these accusations.

No kin to rguns.net in Illinois….

i spelled my name wrong, its joe tremblay not joie ,my bad.

I ordered a 18” ar upper [ a ruger 204,very nice one at that .but at my falt I ordered the wrong length is their anyway to return it for the same one but in a 16”?,ive had for just over a month still in the box ,I haven’t had the time to do anything with it due to working all the time if I am stuck wit it that’s fine don’t mind I just would prefer a 16” if I could thank you.

I purchased a surplus rifle from RGUNS online.Rifle was at my door in 2 days in a new hard case.No problem. Just saying.

I have been doing business with Rguns for about 4 years, I live in the area so I pick up what I need so I haven’t had to have something shipped. I do remember a time last year when i could not get them on the phone. I buy a lot of guns and parts and these guys have very good pricing and usually have what I need in stock. I have also purchased firearms from them. I have purchased items that I have had to "smith" to get to work but in my opinion it is worth it. They… Read more »

To administrator, Could you you please remove my last name from my comment. I mistakingly put it there thank you. Mr. Badolato

funny stuff

I made one transaction with "RGUNS". It was for a Bulgarian ak47 parts kit. With all do respect with for people that had bad experiances, My transaction was perfect. From the phone call to a very nice employee that was very helpfull to me, and warehouse personel. The shipping was fast properly packaged and kept to a minimal 5 pounds. The product was just as promised and then some. What a sweet rifle it is. My complaments to RGUNS. Frank, YONKERS USA.

Rgun.net sucks.. besides taking over 4 months on a 4-6 week shipment i didn’t get what i ordered an also got a bad trigger group..They did not respond to phone an emails took months an weeks at a clip then i got 5 diifferent answers to the same question which they did the old BAIT AN SWITCH.. show a good part an ship you the crappy part..FYI customer service is just as important as packing the part an shipping.. I wish i read up before ordering. They will not refund or take pack these junk parts !! Will i have… Read more »

From the looks of thing, this all happened around the Sandy Hook time frame. Everyone was swamped all over the country.

I placed an order with Rguns for an ar15 upper they said was in stock on April 23 2013. on July 1 2013 I sent an email to them “When can I expect shipment of this item, I think that 10 weeks is a bit long to get an in stock item shipped. The web site says that ar-15 lowers will take at least 8 weeks to ship. THIS IS NOT A LOWER, IT IS AN UPPER ASSEMBLY. WHEN WILL IT BE SHIPPED?” No response. On July 17 2013 I sent another email. “This morning I ordered a complete ar15… Read more »

I placed my order January 19th and finally received my lower on June 28th. my barrel however is a different story. they charged my card on June 10th, on June 11th a shipping label was created, here we are July 16th and still nothing. called them numerous times, left voicemails, sent them numerous e-mails, no reply. sad way to run a business

They are NOT shipping 24/7 (I live down the road from them). I’ve had good luck dealing with them in person, but would never order anything online from them. They really need to hire a PR consultant if they want to do business after 2013.

I ordered a full kit sans lower on 2/21/13, the site said 6 weeks for delivery. On 4/9 I emailed an inquiry, no response. On 6/11 my credit card was charged, on 6/13 a shipping label was created and a tracking number sent to me. Oh happy day! NOT! The tracking never moved. I emailed them again 6/28 to see what was going on since the website said they did not charge credit cards until the order was ready to be shipped. I got no response, however, the shipping label was cancelled within 3 hours of my email (I even… Read more »

Im in the same boat to the day actually. charged on the 11th shipping label june 13th. Nothing from them after i emailed them at the end of june. Did you credit card honor your dispute? After tomorrow i will be talking to mine as well.

I ordered in feb 13 . After 5 mths it finally came.. but it was not what I ordered.. Have been calling and Emailing and guess what. NO ANSWER… Wish I had seen this site first..

These people suck , as for their defensive friends on here I would lay money that they work for RGUNS . They sent the wrong **** barrel for an rpk . They mailed an unported Barrel for a m72 . A front gas block also unported . I realy don’t think these people know their heads from a hole in the ground . I cant even get a response from them email or otherwise . I will be filling a report with the BBB . …….TattsTarver

I had a bad problem with them to. so every once in a while I send them a nasty email, I get a response in 30 minutes, every time. so they read yours they just don’t respond, but if you flip them some **** then they have time to reply and they will FAST! everyone should stop buying from RGUNS put them out of business
cancel your transactions with your credit card company for any RGUNS sales, and then just start sending them bad email, every day, feed them crap, treat them the way they treat us.

Ordered ammo that was IN Stock 12/12 never showed emailed them asked when it would ship their reply was SOON !!! I asked when is soon then they replied if I don’t stop bothering them they will charge 100 restocking fee ffffffing ridiculous they are crooks and I’ll steer as many people away from them that I can

I originally placed an order with them on 12/31/12 for three lowers. I knew it would take at least 8 weeks (or more) before my order would be shipped. I get that they’re busy, but they charged my credit card on 5/2/13 for the full purchase price without ever shipping my order. I tried to call them within their specified calling hours to see what was going on, but they never answered the phone. I also emailed them asking about my order. They did respond within a couple of days and said they were still waiting on one lower that… Read more »

My Email:
Order Date: 2013-02-03 22:22:47

Contacted you last week about this and heard nothing. I see that you did generate a shipping label 2 weeks ago but then nothing further. You did charge my card and per our phone conversation you said it would chi pout the next day. Please contact me ASAP or I will be forced to contact my credit card company.

Their response:
OK ****. we will file a report with my police department. let the cops sort it out. not my firs time having some one arrested.

Oh yeah, since I had the honor of seeing this operation face to face this doesn’t surprise me. No excuse to treat a customer like that. Let the joker call the police they will remind him its a civil problem and snicker as they walk out.

I am at 12 weeks and counting since I ordered my complete upper. Would I like to have it already? Yes. However I bet they are swamped. I can live without it like I did before I ordered it. Have patience and when you do get it it will be like Christmas. Hopefully I don’t have to wait till Christmas. Sig Sauer told me it would be a 8-10 month(yes MONTH) wait for a new P224. So it is obvious that all gun companies are buried.

The problem with that is we paid a certain price for the product and it stated "in stock". The longer it takes, the more likely pricing and availability is going to change. Leads me to wonder if it was ever "in stock", or if they were padding their books. By the way, I ordered a complete upper Jan. 15. After SEVERAL emails unanswered, I finally got a response that said "1 to 2 weeks". That was TWO MONTHS AGO. Enough is enough. I really like the one I ordered, or I would have cancelled.

Holy Crap! I walked through the front door today, and much to my surprise, I found a long cardboard box in my doorway. I had pretty much given up hope that I would ever see my A2 carbine upper from RGUNS, but it came today. I ordered it from the website on Jan, 5th of this year with the website clearly stating that orders would take 4-8 weeks to ship. 17 weeks seems like an eternity when you are expecting it sooner. I sent an email to them back in April saying I understand them must be slammed, but they… Read more »
I ordered 2 and got 2. It did take awhile but that is to be expected. Look around, there are no guns or ammo to buy im my area of the country, can’t even get reloading supplies. I’m an FFL dealer and have had a hard time finding guns for sale that are in stock. Reality, it going to take a few months for your order from R Guns. I ordered several uppers from Alexander Arms in November, still don’t have them, that is to be expeceted. Take a look around. I bet most people that are complaining this would… Read more »

JSE Surplus in Cape Girardeau, MO. Walk in tell and grab a lower or upper off the wall, pay and build your gun. Or wait a week or two and they will build what you want if they have parts and they do have parts. Just talk to Nick

R-guns STINKS! the people who work at that place are A-holes, the place should be shut down. watch the you tube video of the lower reciever. I will never ever order from R-guns again EVER!!
they tried to rip me off but I was on to their tricks, cancled my card and then told them to shove it, OOO they didnt like that, Bad coustmer service = lost orders. keep it up R-guns your getting just what you give, Hope you go out of busness soon.

dez tactical will ship a AR in 2 weeks..

Doesn’t explain their non existing customer service and fraudulent business practice. They can’t charge your credit card and not send anything for weeks or months and not expect complaints. They are a joke and have lost dozens of potential customers that I know of from local ranges. Judging by all the complaints, I would venture to say you work for them.

why was Erics comments rejected were they too ruff around the edges. People need to know who they are dealing with.I cat believe someone hasnt got the BBB on them

They are a complete joke to say the least. Placed an order in January and first week of April emailed to find out if the order was still being processed. Minutes later got an email that it is ready for UPS pickup and charged my credit card. May 3rd and still no package and they will not respond to any calls or emails. How can this be legal?

Yea same here and after the fact I found out rguns has an F raiting with the BBB.

the site admin must work for r-gums

This store should be shut down for false advertisement. They are a D**N JOKE. They have had my order since Jan 23 and i finally got an email from ups that my package is being processed because a label has been created but r-guns has not shipped it yet . But they took the money out of my account. They need to hurry the f~@@#! up and send me my package.Hell i could have went to school and learned how to make the stuff i ordered. They must have a bunch of old f-ers in wheelchairs or walking cains doing… Read more »

I must note rguns has about 6 employees and they get 400-500 new orders a day so once you get a shipping label it’ll be a few weeks I ordered a krinkov kit from them in febuary I know it’s going to be June or July till I get the parts but for Tula parts its worth the wait last time I checked there through orders of about mid january

Same thing happened to me, but i got a call from a reasonable sounding lady, who apologized and said it would ship the next day. They generated a shipping label the next day and charged my card and then nothing. I sent them an email after 2 weeks and they went off their nut. Guy with issues like that doesn’t need an FFL.

IT’s been 12 weeks. What most of you guys who are defending Rguns with is that "in current times blah blah blah, like because of that it takes MORE time to put together a group of parts? You tell me why ANYONE should take 12 weeks, especially when they stated 4 weeks when I first ordered, then 2 weeks ago said 6-8 weeks when I emailed them from a new email saying I was going to order and wanted to know how long it would take… AND they state that they are a 24 hour a day job at shipping…… Read more »

When did you order they are through orders of mid January

I ordered a complete upper on 2/27/13 and having read the front page of RGUNS website,I understood it would be take some time. Im not complaining about the time its taking, but I had to get a new debit card as my strip was not working any longer and the expiration date has now changed. Ive sent a cpl emails letting them know and am hoping someone there actually reads the emails. Id hate to have waited several months for my purchase, only to find out that it was cancelled due to my card not going through due to the… Read more »

They are reading emails, I’ve gotten 2 responses back from Dawn that works there. I’m surprised they haven’t responded yet, I got a response the same day I sent the email both times. Don’t call, they will not answer the phone, but definitely send another email. Just in case, the email I used was rguns@voyager.net. We placed an order on February 8 and she told me yesterday it should be going out in the next few days. We will see about that, but at least she responded and was cordial.


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