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Owning a gun or a firearm can be very controversial. Here in the United States you have the right to own a gun but that also means that you carry the burden of responsibility. Even though owing a gun or guns is a freedom we possess as a nation it means that rules and regulations need to be set and maintained in order to keep everyone safe.

Some people are adamantly against guns and firearms because of the damage it can easily do. And their caution and fear can easily be justified. While the weapon itself can cause little damage if stored away, in the hands of someone young or reckless it can do lasting harm. This is why responsibility, respect, and caution must be taught to everyone who owns a gun. And for gun enthusiasts it’s true that the guns themselves do little harm but it’s the people wielding the gun that causes the damage. However, without the gun the amount of damage would be much more minimal. That’s why you do not want to leave a loaded gun around the house. Even if it is locked away in a gun cabinet it is still possible that the wrong person may get their hands on it.

For any household with young children it is essential that children be taught to respect the power of a gun and to know that guns are not toys. For anyone who owns a gun you probably remember being taught that as well. Whether the gun is used for hunting and recreation, work or protection it’s essential that safely be maintained. For some people collecting guns and firearms is a hobby. Guns dating back over a hundred years may be proudly displayed up on a wall or in a lodge. Such guns may occasionally be taken down and used in demonstrations. Therefore it is important that the guns stay clean and maintained so they remain in safe working order.

And when you buy a gun you want to make sure it is something you are comfortable holding. You will not be able to successfully deer hunt if you can’t hold properly hold and aim your gun. You want a gun that works properly when it needs to as well. A gun that jams won’t do you any good if it doesn’t work when you need it. If you’re hunting in bear country and your gun frequently jams then you may end up finding yourself even more defensless than you want to be.

The quality of the gun is also important. Have you purchased a gun and the finish is wearing off of your new gun? Does the gun have poor accuracy? If you want a gun for hunting the last thing you want is poor accuracy. Were the drill holes for the scope not properly aligned? Maybe you have had other quality issues with a brand of gun and if so feel free to share your gun complaints here.

Not only may you have issues with the gun’s quality or cosmetic appearance but perhaps the gun & firearm shop you bought it from gives you reason to complain too. Did you order your gun from a firearms shop and it took weeks for you to receive your gun even though you were told that the gun was in stock? Have you tried to return the gun or a gun accessory and the return policy was so ridiculous or tedious that you decided to just keep what you ordered? Or perhaps you are being charged a fee for an order to restock the item even though the firearm shop didn’t have the gun in stock to begin with?

If you have a gun and firearms complaint about either gun safety classes, a firearm specifically, a gun and firearms shop, or any other complaint related to guns and firearms than share them with us here at Tell everyone where to avoid buying their gun and gun accessories and what guns need to be avoided in the first place.

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