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Last Updated On: December 27, 2017

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Business Name: Grocery Shopping Network.
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4001 Walnut St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

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After waiting in line at Customer Service for a period of time I was told Western Union was down.

After locating another Western Union and returning to Fresh Grocery to purchase a Septa pass I was told we are sold out. Why not Post this information so people do not have to stand in line to find out this information.

This is really poor customer service.

The Fresh Grocer Р1500 N Broad St Phila Pa 19122


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On Christmas Eve, I I purchased a turkey that was advertised for 99 cent a lb. The turkey was labeled $ 1.49cent lb.,the cashier’s would not take off the 50 cent a lb. The cashier sent someone back to get a price check . It was still 99 cents a lb. The cashier still did not remove the 50cent lb. And showed me a list of sale items that I brought . .I purchased the turkey for $1.49 cent lb. I sent my son back to does to the manager the next day. They took the sign down and refused… Read more »
The worse fresh grocer ever aggressive language in front of my grandsin lack of customer service the list can go on.I find it to be So sad that this type of behavior is exhibited when we patronize our local duper market. The vonduct is un acceptable and should be rrcognized . The person that is ay 1st cashier I assume her role is to assist self check out shoppers perhaps she should be relocated to back of syore where her customer service is not needec since it lacked just that. Shame on management for allowing this behavior to go on.… Read more »
This store should not be affiliated with shop rite at all I rushed there from work to purchase some crab legs that were on sale I got there and was able to purchase every one that they had I went to check out while I was putting my groceries on the counter the cashier took my crabs while my back was turned and sold them to the customers in front of me that was the last day of the sale and there was not another one in the store this ruined the evening for me and my guests this is… Read more »
I’m a loyal customer of the company I will no longer shop at fresh grocer. Today I had to walk away from my shopping cart full of food. The food was bagged and paid for stickers . I was provided $6 off coupon from wic for fresh grocer in composition . For years of being ripped off my coupon states $6 of of $40 no limit on how many I can use. W.I.C also told me it’s no limits. Not one but two stores didn’t let me use my coupons only 4 I had $175 worth of food and $78… Read more »

The first time I used the home delivery service no one ever showed up. The second time the driver called me to see if I wanted my groceries early which loved and did.

Tonight they are over 2 hours late and no one is there to assist via telephone. I never received notice that they were running later nor do I know if I will even get my groceries. Tomorrow is a storm and my family is now s**t out of luck. I placed my order on Sunday!

Extremely unprofessional!!!! I am pissed!!

The new Fresh Grocer at Grays Ferry have a very rude and unprofessional staff. The cashiers are great as well as customer service however the front end workers, assistant manager and store manager are rude. They talk to employees with no respect. They also fire employees on a daily bases. They are giving this new store a very bad reputation. No one wants to work there and don’t bother trying to communicate to Tom, the store manager he’s horrible. I will not spend another dollar at the Grays Ferry location.


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