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Last Updated On: August 3, 2017

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Business Name: Shop N Save Market Illinois
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229 Golf Mill Center
Niles, Illinois 60714 USA

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Phone Number: 847-803-6590
Company Contact: Pawel Pustelnik - Admin, Registrant
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Spoiled food and cashier theft

September 28th, 2016, around 4pm me and my son went to the Shop and Save market to get quickly get some groceries before the usual after work traffic starts. We pick up some Karums farmers cheese deserts and butter among other items. We check out.

I look at my receipt because the amount is higher than I expected, so I see the cashier charged me twice for the single butter i had.

I walk up to him to explain. He was pretty rude to me because he off the bat questioned me if I was sure I had only one. I’m standing there feeling insulted because he basically implied that I was a liar, who wanted to trick him into giving me money.

Anyway, he checks my bags because I haven’t even left the store, I walked two steps from the cashier in all that time. Again I’m feeling like a thief where in reality the cashier is the one stealing. So eventually he credits my money. I’m feeling upset because this is also taking my time.

I come home, make dinner and my son asks me for one of the farmers cheese desserts that he likes so much. I open it to discover a foul smell. So my son falls into tears because he has no dessert. I’m stressed, my son is unhappy.

Again that same store tries to rip me off twice in the same day.

I call the store, explain the situation. The person on the other end of the line tells me she’ll connect me to a manager. I get to go over the whole thing again with a second persons whom I presume is a manager -Ana. She says she’s sorry, bla bla.

The catch here is that when I was refunded for the butter earlier that day, the cashier never returned my receipt. So now I’m aggravated because I only have the receipt with the credited amount. Ana tells me to bring the deserts back to the store for a store credit.

I disagree with that compensation because I’m not willing to buy anything there any time soon because it’s a 15-20 min drive for me. I tell her that fuel expenses have to be refunded too. She does not comply and tells me to call the manager in the morning.

This is totally unfair. Why should I pay for fuel and spend my time on something that was not my fault. A sorry does not cut it there.

By the way, it is not the first time I’ve bought spoiled farmers cheese deserts at this very same store and location. I’ve let it slide those other times because I really did not want to go through the hassle.

But today had me super outraged at how I was treated by the employees, especially because they told me I was being transferred to a manager and after I’m almost done with the conversation, the employee Ana tells me that I’ve been lied to because she’s not the manager.

What is this? Is this the way they treat their customers? I have a store next to my home I can go to and I usually do. I think I’ll have to resort to it because their customer service is excellent. I’m talking about Jewel.


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