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Last Updated On: May 16, 2017

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Business Name: The Kroger Co
Corporate Address:
1014 Vine St
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 USA

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Phone Number: 513-762-4000
Corp Email: kroger.investors@kroger.com
Company Contact: Rodney McMullen - CEO
Corp Website:


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Based On: 1 Review
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Disrespect for The Neighborhood

This complaint is about the neighborhood being disturbed every weekend by low riders using the business parking lot after the store closes for a meeting place to race and keep up very disturbing noises and smoke from car tires at 12am-2:30 am.

There are 4 gates around the property that can be closed after the closing of the store and the manager refuses to have them closed…

This has become very stressful to the neighborhood.

Police come out and evacuate the parking lot, but sometimes they return.

There is a senior building directly behind Ralphs and some of the tenants uses oxygen, and the smoke and smell infiltrates the building, and you can’t get any rest.

Ralphs Grocery Location – 1730 West Manchester Ave Los Angeles California 90047 | 323-750-3151


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