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Last Updated On: December 25, 2017

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Business Name: City Food Group Inc
Corporate Address:
818 E Arrowood Rd
Charlotte, North Carolina 28217 USA

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Phone Number: 704-716-1170
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Company Contact: Jeffery Vargas - Vice President
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 2 Reviews
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I was discriminated for a third time at Compares, on East Main Street in Bridgeport CT. Even the Hispanic employees, and the corporate branch on Fairfield avenue, say this location management is RACIST! they have a boost mobile kiosks, that after I purchased a phone, the rep refused to take the phone back. On two different occasions, the boost mobile rep, stopped working with me, to work with a Hispanic, then get nasty when I complained to corporate management, that said he is just not trying to lose any money, and they boost rep did not have to refund my money, nor take the phone back.

I did a complaint with boost mobile headquarters, whom informed I have a lawsuit, which I will start on today. I had called the police to do a formal complaint, but it took two hours of standing in the hot sun with 3 small children, and I have osteoarthritis in both knees, walk with a cane, in 90 degree weather, with no where to sit and no shade, so after waiting two hours in the sun for the police, I left.

Asked all three managers for help, and they threw up their hands and would not help. this location need to be shut down. I will follow up my law suit with a protest. google ‘occupy bridgeport’ you will see me on the front page of ct post newspaper, at one of my protests. your store is NEXT! Also, the two black managers, always flirt sexually with the women, I am one of them. You cant shop without them flirting etc. “when are you going to invite me over” “when are you going to cook for me. they compliment on your legs, stare at your body parts.

I will get written complaints from some women I have seen them do it to, whom I know personally. it is disgusting. One day, I had enough, and yelled that he was harassing me and any woman they talk like that to, in front of the employees, so they stopped harassing me, and probably why they would not help me out with their boost kiosk racist rep. ask the employees at this location, as I talked to a bunch of them outside of the store. they hired the 2 black managers, because this location have too many complaints of racism, just to hire two jiggaboo a******s.

Compare Foods Supermarket – 1050 E Main St, Bridgeport, CT 06608 United States | 203-366-9060


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