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Last Updated On: December 27, 2017

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Business Name: Big Y Foods Inc
Corporate Address:
2145 Roosevelt Ave
Springfield, Massachusetts 01104 USA

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Phone Number: 413-784-0600
Company Contact: Donald H D'Amour - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.50 out of 5
Based On: 2 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 3

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New big shot on the block

I’m disabled and 68 years old,and was a faithful shopper at Hannaford supermarket before big y took over. I was very cautious about Big Y because I’ve been in there stores in the past, because I’m a truck driver.

Well on this day I went into store with a bunch of coupons I printed at home, from a retailers site which stated that I could get 1 item per purchase for free up to $6.99. Well they wouldn’t let me use all 6 coupons I had, which I have done at other stores in past. I’m a couponer.

So after waiting 15 minutes for supervisor to come back, she told me only one per transaction. Ok, so I went and did 6 separate transactions,and told me these coupons cant be reproduced. I said how else am I going to get them unless I print them out from the retailers web site? I received an answer of – its Big Y’s company policy.

I went home and called the corporate office of Big Y and talked to a nice lady in customer service. She also said it was company policy.

I called the retailer and they told me my coupons that I printed were indeed valid. So I went back to store the next day with 2 more free coupons for the same, and cashier told me that the store management would not honor any of coupons from said retailer in their store.

I went to service desk an talked to supervisor who had a snotty attitude because I called Big Y corporate.

I guess us little people cant express any complaints, and I never complained about the employees- just their narrow minded policy.

Family owned, what a joke. They will fail in Milford with their holier than thou attitude and their huge prices. They think they are fooling people with there scam sales. Yeah throw a little worm to snag the sucker.

Should be called big rip off. Jacked up prices with the guise of sale items. Family owned. More like owned by greedy people who are selfish and think they can treat people like cattle.

Realize that a lot of the employees that staying on from Hannaford don’t like big y, they just need a paycheck.

So goodbye I have already started shopping elsewhere. You will see people disappear when they figure out the scam there. I don’t want a thing from them just a little respect. Ill bet the corporate of big y will vote for trump. Same mentality.


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I’m a former Casheiir at the Old Saybrook Big Y ! I loved working at store #58 t worked there for 3 years ! I went from cheerful to very upset with. This company ! The transfers of managers at that store shouldn’t have happened because the last managers. We’re very nice to me and uhh understood me as a person ! Now this store has really rude and mean managers there names are Erin and Susan ! I’m l learning disabled and In a program called Vista. ! You got a n award from them because you hired us… Read more »
I was at the big y in Stratford ct. I was just trying to send money to a friend in China on 12/5/17, so I filled out all of the information for western union. The lady at the service center was nice and all but the manager all of the sudden told me they wouldn’t let me send the money. He said “we can’t help you”. with out any reason why. I’m pretty upset. I guess this is why I go to stop and shop. Stop and shop later helped me out and told me I shouldn’t have had any… Read more »
You should just not blame Big Y for that, they all do except Better Value who honor their customers first, and go beyond your expectations as to either give your money back, exchange if you already purchased the product or charge you get this: O! free of charge! They are exceptional! Other markets I have purchased food on sale and when i get to the cashier and has a different price they all say: ‘ oh no! it must to been left out from last week” or ‘ oh no, this is supposed to be on sale this coming week”… Read more »

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