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Last Updated On: June 20, 2017

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Business Name: ALDI Inc. | Albrecht Discount
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1200 N Kirk Rd
Batavia, Illinois 60510 USA

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Treatment of Employees over Customers

My daughter works for Aldi. She’s a hard worker, and a kind person. She was positioning a pallet of groceries and did not see a customer. The Customer became very irate and said essentially “D**n, I was trying to get some water and your in my way.” My daughter apologized and offered to get the water for her. The customer said “No, I can get it myself” and started Cussing out my daughter. No employee deserves to be so Blantly mistreated by a customer.

The customer asked for a manager. The manager promptly chewed my daughter out in front of the customer and the whole store. She was only trying to explain what happened. She told the manager she felt like she was being harassed. She then apologized for saying that in front of the customer. He told her to shut up.

The next day her and her manager spoke to the district manager. The district manager said “The Customer is always right” and she had to learn to get along with the manager, which I might add by the way has had numerous complaints by employees of his mistreatment of them.

First, no the customer is not always right, I know, I am a retired MSgt from the Air Force. The district manager said my daughter did not apologize enough. Why didn’t the manager apologize? Mis-management and probably why Aldi can’t keep good employees.

I will never support this store for the way they treat their employees. Clearly a lack of leadership at all levels. My daughter apologized, the manager should apologize for his part. No customer is not always right and the employees DO NOT deserve to be mistreated, cussed out, especially when employee offered to get them their product.

Very unhappy with Aldi’s behavior. No leadership whatsoever in my eyes.

Aldi – Delaware Ohio


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live in meadville, pa. shop aldi on a regular basis. just there today and among other things purchased what appeared to be a good looking wartermelon as i have regularly since they became available. got it home and somewhere between store, my car ,and home i lost my purchase receipt. later this evening ,i cut the melon and it was so bad inside i cant eat it. it is quarteredf to see if i could salvage some. i tried to find a phone no for the store and it is not to be found in any phone book or ad… Read more »

just get me an answer and i will be happy, i have never had any problem with aldi or tthe products rhey sell

Several years ago Ghetto security tension running Aldis at past 159th and Wood St. Store Harvey Illinois and Markham Illinois border. Tense climate following now to store #03 4500 N. Broadway Uptown Chicago Broadway Ghetto security tension.


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