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You may grow your own vegetables and some of your own fruit but chances are you still make a weekly or biweekly trip to the grocery store. Depending on the size of your family you may even end up going to the grocery supermarket more than once a week. So since you have grocery supermarket experience you’ve probably seen things that you’ve approved of and things that you probably don’t approve of.

Grocery Supermarkets are designed to sell a lot of food to a lot of people. Depending on the time of year some foods may sell faster than other foods. During the summer you’re probably buying more fruits and popsicles than you are in the winter. And if you live in the northern states you probably buy more heavy foods and make more stews in the winter. You’ve probably noticed as well that your local grocery supermarket understands the trends in food and even supplies more apple cider in the fall, even though they purchase apple cider all year round.

While some foods have seasons and others stay the same year round you’ve probably noticed things about your grocery store you may not be so happy with. Perhaps your grocery supermarket advertises fresh strawberries and when you go to buy strawberries you find that a lot of them have already molded. Perhaps your grocery supermarket buys fruit that are already ripe so by the time it hits the shelves for the customers the fruit is becoming over ripe.

Maybe you have noticed that after your grocery store changed brands of dairy products the milk doesn’t last as long. Perhaps the milk is going bad just 2-3 days after you purchase it. Or the milk is already sour even though the expiration date is still two weeks out. Maybe your grocery supermarket doesn’t keep their freezer or refridgerators cold enough causing food to spoil faster.

How long do the lunchmeat or other meat products last? Have you ever bought meat from your grocery supermarket and found that it didn’t taste or smell like it should? Have you become ill from food you have purchased?

Or perhaps the condition they keep the store in isn’t exactly satisfying. Are there missing floor tiles? Is there a constant leak from the supermarket ceiling? How quickly do messes and spills get attended to? Is the supermarket kept too warm or too cold? How well organized is the store? Are the isles too narrow for people to comfortably pass each other?

Like with any other business you walk into you want to have good customer service. Does your local grocery superstore have enough employees to help assist customers who have either questions or complaints? Are the isles labeled well enough that you can get a better sense of the layout of the store?

One of the most frustrating parts of grocery stopping can be checkout. If you have a cart full of frozen or cold food you do not want to be stuck behind a long line. You want and expect there to be enough cashiers to handle a decent flow of customers. Does your grocery supermarket possess lanes for people with fewer than 15 items or the self checkout stations? Or do you find yourself with just a few items but still have to wait behind someone with a cart full of groceries? Are there only a few cashiers even though there are lots of people waiting in line?

Grocery superstores are a great place to get many food items in one location, getting your produce, dairy, and meat all in one place saves time from driving around from farmers markets and butcher shops. But if you have a complaint about your local grocery supermarket then share it with us here at We want to know what you’ve seen that deserves a calling out.

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