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Morris West, an Australian novelist and playwright, is known for saying, “All institutions are prone to corruption and to the vices of their members.”  Though West’s quote doesn’t only include governments, it’s a well-known fact that governments are institutions that are especially prone to corruption.  In fact, government corruption has become the norm in some areas of the world.  As governments and officials become increasingly less trustworthy, it’s more important than ever before to file public complaints when leaders get out of line.  You might be the only one who knows of a particularly corrupt government or official!

Corrupt Behavior

If you know of governments or officials that are practicing corrupt behavior, don’t hesitate to inform others in your community about the practices that these officials are engaging in.  It could be that they’re abusing their power.  Or, the officials may be wasting tax-payers’ dollars.  Of course, these days it might be hard to discriminate between corrupt waste and general waste, but if you think you’re witnessing an act of corruption, don’t hesitate to file with

Below Average Services

However, not all complaints will be related to corrupt behavior.  There are plenty of governments and officials that aren’t corrupt, but still aren’t doing their job properly.  Sometimes (read: oftentimes) governments and officials don’t perform the duties that they’re appointed to.  From failure to fix roadways to not providing promised pension plans, services may flounder and falter in many government-related areas.  If you see areas of the government that aren’t upholding their responsibilities (this includes police departments and judges), then you need to file a complaint today!

False Promises

Everyone’s familiar with the officials who over-promise in order to get into office.  However, some of their promises aren’t “over-promises”; they’re downright lies!  If you’re aware of some major lies being told by the governments or officials in your area, then you need to file with  Other citizens may have no idea they’re being told some of the lies that are being propagated in your city/state/country.  If people are eagerly accepting lies from their government, then they’ll want you to set the record straight.  In fact, they need you, and they don’t even know it!  If you know of some false promises/lies being told by your government or officials, please don’t hesitate in filing with Complaints List immediately!


Lastly – this is a broad category – injustice is the fourth major issue many people have with their governments and officials.  Sadly, true justice will probably never exist on earth.  It’s just a part of the human condition that will never be overcome.  After all, utopia isn’t here for a reason.   But, just because you may not be living in utopia, there’s no excuse for your government or elected officials to be treating you unjustly!  If you and/or your fellow citizens are being treated unfairly, speak out against your governments and officials.  In the United States at least, people shouldn’t have to live under injustice and oppression.  Filing a complaint with can be a highly effective way to begin rallying the support you need to take your case to courts that do focus on justice.  File with today!


Of course, there are so many other complaints that you might have about governments and officials.  Sadly, the complaints list is numerous.  If you have an experience that you’re desperate to share, you’ve come to the right place.  Sharing with others through can be a very rewarding experience as you deal with whatever issue is troubling you.

Also, our knowledge of search engine optimization techniques can help insure that your complaint is heard.  We won’t waste the time of anyone who files with  We work hard to ensure that your complaint, night and day, is reaching the audience that needs to hear it most!  So, what are you waiting for?  File with Complaints List today!

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