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Last Updated On: June 22, 2017

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Business Name: West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources
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200 Davis St
Princeton, West Virginia 24740 USA

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Phone Number: 304-425-8738
Corp Email: dhhrsecretary@wv.gov
Company Contact: Bill J Crouch - Cabinet Secretary
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Reported Losses: $1,000,000.00
Average Reported Losses: $1,000,000.00

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Nursing Home Kidnaps Patients For Money

My husband had a stroke. The in-laws conspired to take over. He was kidnapped and is still being held hostage at a nursing home. The Ombudsman recommended DHHR take over because of the kidnapping, hostage, and severe abuse of the nursing home.

Then DHHR turned on me and my family. Trying to force us to have no protection, to take no notes, no pictures of the abuse, etc. and to abide by “nursing home rules” which are discriminately, doing everything to stop myself and our two sons from seeing their father.

We are the only advocates trying to stop the abuse. DHHR refuses to tell us his medical, which is breaking the law. They are doing exactly what the in-laws want.

The in-laws are after our assets.

DHHR had no legal basis for the takeover. The complaint was against the nursing home.

I have called every organization their is, that I can find for help.

For anyone willing to help or needs help email advocate4marvin@gmail.com.

DHHR Mercer County WV was so violent, that the case w transferred to Fayette County. Only thing is, Fayette County is just taking orders from Mercer County.

Their only intention is to set me up, lie about it, saying I was yelling, when that is all they do, without my recording the incident, which is illegal. DHHR never presented.

My husband has an ongoing feed tube infection. The infection has caused a great deal of swelling. Their unnecessary medications, have caused kidney and liver damage. His stomach is extremely swollen. The infection can cause septic shock which can cause death. It ha caused many deaths.

Septic shock has caused many deaths at this nursing home. This nursing home is constantly sued for the deaths of patients. It is owned by a large chain who has been sued for the deaths of many people in their surrounding owned nursing homes.

They settle out of court so that it isn’t public information. This same chain actually supports several law offices based on suing them for neglect or death.

Reporters have tried to expose them, but their riches allow the abuse to stay out of the papers. They hold all patients hostage once they get them. They hold them their until death. My husband is only 59. He could live until his 80’s.

However, my greatest fear is that he will die from their abuse. They deny him his pain medication, then force very rough therapy on him,. DHHR is aware of all this and more.

They choose to take up for the abusive nursing home as they have committed many crimes along with the nursing home. The nursing home gives them free food, and treat DHHR like friends. BIG BUSINESS wins, people are tortured, then eventually die.

They are holding my husband hostage based on a complaint by the ombudsman about the nursing home abuse.

Angry dhhr workers retaliated because I complained about them not moving my husband to a safe place, which I can legally do as a concerned wife. Anyone can complain about abuse of a person.

Dhhr then denied the visitations of myself and my sons.

They also are refusing my husband’s rights, based on the lies of the nursing home- saying he cannot speak for himself.

The only witness came from a social worker known to be in on the kidnapping. She constantly perjured herself, with the whole court knowing she was lying, and even contradicted herself, and told on the nursing homes abuse and neglect- in her cockiness, since dhhr took her side.

This all based on the lie of the in-laws saying I was a money grubbing w***e, which of course they left out in court. Everyone was after my husband’s supposed money, which he does not have. Yet at the same time, the lie was I spent all this money.

He did not have any because of his spending habits which they knew, yet it was based on his future buyout of his company which would not affect his assets because he had to quit work.

Anyway, I have contacted lawyers, government agencies, and everyone I know to stop the murder of my husband. The nursing home refuses to clean his feed, tube area and then they have killed 5 or 6 patients.

Any news reports etc of these cases are taken offline when the families settle out of court.

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