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Bias in the family court system

On July 10 my grandchildren were removed from our home. i was out of state working, my daughter was home taking care of the children. She got in a argument with the youngest boys father, things escalated, she texted some very bad things. Hence police were called, also CPS.

They removed the children from their cribs, they were both sleeping at the time. One child went to the grandmother’s, the other to my nieces’ at which time, 10 hours later, was removed and placed in foster care, where he remains.

I’ve asked for him to be placed with me, his grandfather. I have the means to take care of him as well as fulfill his needs. The case worker involved does nothing except fights this out of spite. The guardian ad litem was also my attorney in getting full custody of my daughter in 1997. I believe that to be a conflict of interest.

I’ive passed home study’s, background checks, but still my grandson is in foster care for 7 months now. They continue to tell me grandparents have no rights in Michigan.

Teresa Ludimen is the case worker in this case. Also Robert Judici is the guardian ad litem. There is no compassion for this case. children or mother or grandfather. I have the transcripts verbatim, which I’ve purchased, completely outlining this case.

Once again – this case was on a text message during an argument between my daughter and my youngest grandson. Yes my daughter texting some bad things, but since this has happened, at one point Robert Judici filed a motion to suspend my daughters visits, which were through child and family services, through the u-p. Which they did suspend them for 3 weeks. It cited that the youngest boy should not traveling from Appleton Wisc to Marquette Michigan because he should not be traveling 3 hours each way to see his mother. He was one month old at this time.

We filed a grievance, through that outcome my daughter would get a new case worker there which she did for a week and a half.

Then Teresa Ludimen went to work at dhs in marquette county, and the same week my grandsons cases were sent to dhs and once again Teresa Ludemen was the case worker.

The guardian ad litem is suppose to see these children before each and every hearing. He has not. He is supposed to file written statements concerning these children, which he has not.

It has become a personal vendetta against my daughter between the 2 of them. When in all rights it is suppose to be in the best interest of the children. Also Teresa ludemen has been caught lying on the stand, at which time she said one thing daughters lawyer said he would need to be a witness because he was there and knew her statements to be false. The guardian ad litem said he was badgering the witness. The judge simply said we get your point Mr. Hyde.

So once again judicial immunity saved them.

Sincerely Dennis M Lyons

DHS-CPS Marquette County michigan – 232 Barage Ave Marquette Michigan 49855 | 906-228-9691

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Went from Oakland county to shiawasse county Dhs…been getting food stamps for about 3 years..been getting wages match concerning my husbands income wasn’t reported recently…I filled everything out correctly some renewals were done online, if not online was done by paper. He gets paid weekly…well since I guess by year and half ago the case worker has been putting my husbands income as bi weekly..I even sent pay stubs I had no idea how their formula is done or how they do the formula..I don’t know what to do…I’m freaking out…I didn’t do anything wrong…I did what I was suppose… Read more »
ERIC MILES of Taylor Michigan MIDHHS absolutely should be FIRED. He called my elderly friend after she’d submitted an application simply for food assistance (out of concern that her unemployment pay was about to expire – and she was panicky and concerned that she’d been eliminated from her job and this is the first time she’d ever faced a situation of no pay & no ability to pay for FOOD coming in, and apparenlty no interest in anyone else hiring her) to basically tell her she can’t get food assistance until she is HOMELESS (he actually said this). He degraded… Read more »
There is a huge issue with Lenawee Dhs!!!! Have have re applied multiple times from may till now also I have called, sent all paperwork that need to be sent. And I have been with out food assistance for a family of 4 since may31st 2016. And With out insurance since December 8th 2016 ….my case work lisa brown States she never received any other information that I would had deliver email and Send via usps. Supervisors never call you back as well!!! My daughter suffers from severe ADHD and is starting to run out of her medication. With out… Read more »

There’s a problem in Wayne County, Michigan with DHS workers not calling at scheduled appointment times and returning calls. Even the case worker’s supervsiors don’t return calls. It’s also hard to reach the front desk by phone. As a result, applicants lose food assistance due to workers’ ignoring behavior.

I am in agreement with Billy, something must be done to all these DHS workers that are mistreating less fortunate recipients like us. I was thinking a class action lawsuit. I was thinking of trying to write our state representative. I want to write The Center For Civil Justice on these issues. Many people are complaining and its starting to add up. I have been through many of the same troubles many people on this site have mentioned. These workers are doing these injustices across the board. I believe we have enough complaints that warrant DHS caseworkers to be charged… Read more »

I’m up for that too. Today my worker in Wayne County, Ms. Goode, said “I don’t care who you call, you can call Lansing. I’ll still have a job and you need to get one.” Then hung up on me.

ERGENT to all Michigan complaint posters (especially Detroiters) This is a GREAT website, the problem is when you JUST post these serious issues on a forum only, and not COMBINE each complaint issue to a Social-Service attatched Authority entity who CAN and MUST do something about the Inhumane ways Fia case workers treat their clients, Nothing will get done please understand that as long as these case workers can misuse and Abuse clients and still sit back and get their paychescks without worry of any reprocussion or Repremand, they WILL continue the degrading Circus-Hoop-jump games they put their clients through… Read more »
The APS from Maries Shipp, Lavon Lafayette, Jimmie Harris and Sandra Mose out of Genesee County are involved in corruption with my case out of Ingham County despite the fact I Reside in Eaton County. They falsified paperwork. Lied and said I consented to APS services. They with held paperwork for me to complain. They never investigated the doctors who made the complaint. My medical records are missing and they did not try to find them. They were very unconcerned despite the fact I had two undocumented cardiac arrests,a descending colon, three blood transfusions. They tried to give me the… Read more »


Started as homeless and pregnant trying to get my job back, that was in Maegg. I’ve since been calling for two months as my social worker from my adoption constantly trying to get a hold of ANYONE at the Pontiac office. I’ve tried e mailing her. Her name is N. Reed and she needs to be dealt with because I’m sure if I was a crack head trying to seek my benefits for drugs,I’d have them already. SICK OF DHS

Joey Lyricalmindstate Reichard

you can add grand rapids kent county to the list of horrible workers they don’t answer the goddamn phones these people need to be reported on and fired

I put in for tax relief over five times in four years trying to get some help with my back taxes an my worker kept on telling me that your home is not in foreclosure,then I proved it too her an everytime I put in they kept on shooting me down for all kinds of reasons that didn’t apply to me. Stalling tactics,they let the clock run out on me on purpose my case is still pending,while my home was sold,right from up under my feet.

My son is Special Needs and I am his Representative of his Food Stamps, and also Social Security and Disability. Every little bit helps, and I make sure that I mail all documents for all people in the household, and that’s twice a year! Here name is Mrs. Denise Greer Greerd3@michigan.gov. I make sure that everything is done accurately, but with this worker it makes no difference. I think that she has so many clients that she become completely turn around, which is understandable, It appears to get anything done, it always has to be over her head, and that’s… Read more »

I applied for a home health aid. I had my interview in June 2016 it is now Nov.2016. My application has been approved my care givers application on champs has been approved. So I called her today an she accused me if just wanting the money. Yes I do want the money approved so my caregiver can get paid an so I can get the help my doctor said I needed. Then she hung up in my face. Can some one Please tell me who I should call.

So I got my notice to appear for a Pre Hearing and on the second page that they sent me was the request for hearing for a TOTALLY DIFFERENT PERSON!?? Again my question is what’s so hard about keeping up with paperwork? That’s why when I send my proofs with all my personal info I black out all info a thief could use. I don’t feel safe sending the state my info?????? Somebody can’t read or has a serious case of un diagnosed dyslexia!!

K.Lewis from the 7 Mile and Gratiot has a personal vendetta against me because I related to her that her office hasn’t got a clue as to how to run smoothly. Basically I told her I was tired of them sending me letters that were a lie!!!! I described in great detail how it was that I turned in my paperwork at the office in person. Saw the girl stamp them and chuck them in a bin so I know I turned in the paperwork. Then I get a message that she did find my paperwork in another file?! But… Read more »
Everyone on here is stating my same complaints. It is shocking and just plain horrible. I am a masters’ degree social worker, and I have been trying to negotiate this system on behalf of my blind brother with the same results. Constant screwups. I am his designated representative, but they can’t even get the addresses on the mail right. Naming names here :MLyndsey in the Macomb DHS MtClemens office. Never had problems until she became his caseworker(Specialist). Finally found out her supervisor’s name- Webb. She is also unresponsive. You can call both on any day. If you are lucky you… Read more »

I am Responding with my Email to further discuss this with you. I have been dealing with Macomb DHS since 2007 and I have 20 Hearing and 3 Circuit cases and Recently I have a Major issues without help of any worker. I have turned it over to Civil Rights and Congressmen Sandy Levin office. I would like to file a Class Action Lawsuit against the Macomb County DHS for breach of confidentiality and erroneous errors and discrimination

Hi – I am interested in talking to you. This past week I got word that our hearing was decided in our favor. This is the second time I have had to take an issue to a hearing to get any response at all. The last time the worker admitted error. This time, I am still waiting to see if the ruling fixes anything. The last time I heard anything from M. Lyndsey. the specialist, she had closed the case. I guess we have to wait until Oct. 11 to see if they put any money into his FAP account.… Read more »

My case ends up being closed every time I’m scheduled for a telephone interview and they never call and hardly ever return my calls. Pitiful.

I was frantic the other morning because I thought that I missed my phone interview call from my case worker, about the FAP. I fell asleep right NEXT to the phone. I wake up, look at the time 8:30,( she was supposed to have called at 8:00) and scream ” did she call”?! My husband said that NO one had called that morning.I leave a message with her apologizing for “missing” the call.Do these people EVER return calls? Now, on my email there is a message from DHS about a “missed interview” . I don’t have Adobe reader so I… Read more »
My case worker Ms.Banner. at the Taylor Office is a piece of work.I sent my.pay stubs for proof of income before the 31St of last month for my food stamps.For.my phone interview. I waited by my phone on the date and time that was on the letter for it.She never effin called.and she had enough nerve to send me a letter saying I missed the interview. BULL! SHE is effin lazy to pick up the phone to call me like she was supposed to do.why get paid for a jon if she won’t do it.And My food was decrease from… Read more »
Lajuanalwayskeepitonehunnit Jo

I think it is beyond unfair for the State of Michigan to send out overpayment letters after 16 years. Where have these letters been for all this time? Clearly someone did not do their job and it is their negligence why these debts were not taken care of years ago!!! I’m aware the State of Michigan is thirsty and broke, however, it is completely unfair considering that the Treasury Department can only go back 7 years! I paid them 16 years ago and 16 years later I get an overpayment letter with no explanation!

Intelgntpanther@gmail.com. we have a class action. Lawsuit about this case if you are interested in joining contact via email.

I watched the help desk lady Ms. Humphrey abused a disabled client I am not sure why security did not step in the woman was verbally assaulted and I saw the lady kick her cane from her and then the worker M Humphrey stated she could pick and choose whom she helped the woman said in a very low tone please treat me with dignity and respect and then ms Humphrey started screaming at her throwing her hands around and stated she would have her thrown out and banned for life and the workers stood and did nothing we were… Read more »
It’s a game file a formal hearing keep all confirmations feed it through the fax they failed to take advantage of a federal grant and now we are all accountable for the governor falling to take the grant from the federal government Bridge • The Center for MichiganWith state welfare cuts … bridgemi.com/…/with-state-welfare-cuts-caseworkers-fear-less-time-to-he… Mar 31, 2015 – Statewide, about 3,300 caseworkers handle food stamps and cash … The dip in Michigan welfare cases is attributed to the state’s …. Agency workers lie, file false reports, delay timely filings of clients and … Forms requiring specific information are sent out with… Read more »
Jennifurr Witchfingurrss
I am beginning to think some of these case workers just do not care or are just receiving orders to deny people on purpose since our state govt is really terrible. I mean seriously calling is a joke and sending letters is another joke you can basically submit paperwork or mail them paperwork numerous times and they still manage to either lose your paperwork or simply find ways to deny you for no reason. I think my case worker just doesn’t like me even though I have been incredibly patient with her I will submit every single paper work she… Read more »

If there is a lAWYER OUT THERE THAT WILL REPRESENT US IN A CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST THE department of ????????? human services yes human services please let us know this is a game 17 times same papers they said all in and then another round threats threats there all friends and buddies and stand up cover the truth this is like a bad soap opera

Homeless people get 45 dollars to eat with children 70 % of income goes to shelter don’t forget to sign he book you got a cot $16.00 a night vets sleeping on floor this is abuse and has to stop who do we call when abused by a worker HOMELAND SECURITY that’s who read huffington post any worker getting caught reading the articles will be fired that are turning immigrants green visa individuals in and conducting raids so the workers have a new job RATS !!!!!!!


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