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Last Updated On: December 27, 2017

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Business Name: Veterans of Foreign Wars VFW
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406 W 34th St
Kansas City, Missouri 64111 USA

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Phone Number: 816-756-3390
Company Contact: John W Stroud - Commander-in-chief
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Uncooked Chicken Served At Wedding Reception

Was at a wedding reception where baked chicken was served as the main course. The chicken was remotely not done. I Seen the grooms mother go talk to the servers and then went into the kitchen. You could hear the cook screaming at her that she didn’t know what the hell she was talking about. At one point I heard the cook tell her “if you do that I will personally throw you out of here”.

Everyone at my table was in awe and of course threw away our chicken. Some even threw everything in the garbage. So a lot of food went in the garbage, and on top of that they had it set up where everyone was sitting on top of one another. I asked the servers the number the reception hall held and they said 300. I don’t know how because we definitely was in a firer issue also.

So they were putting everyone in danger with the food, and also in danger if there had of been a fire. DONT RECOMMEND!

Stone City VFW Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2199 – 124 Stone City Dr Joliet, IL 60436 | 815-722-7122 | Joe Barrello, Manager |


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