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Last Updated On: August 4, 2017

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New York State DMV Phone Number: 518-473-5595
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The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles

I moved to New York City from Boston in April 2016. In September 2016 I went to exchange my Massachusetts license for a New York one. I was told online to bring my social security card. I brought it. I was told to bring another form of identification. I brought it, too. I made an appointment.

Everything went smoothly till I got to the desk and the clerk examined my Social Security card and my passport. On my passport it says that I have a middle name: “Gene.” On my Social Security card it says my middle initial is “J” (for “Jean,” pronounced the same way as Gene, but spelled differently.

Because of this tiny difference I was sent away. I was told I needed a new card. I was told to go to any Social Security office.

I did that. By now I had spent around 3 hours in this cute process.

I got to my local SS office and they said they no longer handled dispensing new cards. They told me they didn’t know where the proper office was.

In a near-rage, I returned home, went online, found out how to send stuff in the mail, and entrusted my birth and marriage certificates to the US Post Office, and am now waiting – it’s supposed to take around 2 weeks – to get my documents back, and my new social security card.

If New York State’s bureaucracy can possibly make everything twice as difficult for individuals, it will.

I never experienced such stupidity in Massachusetts.

And by the way: there is no other person in the world with my name. Trust me, I know. I’ve lived with it for 75 years (yes, that’s another thing in the mix: sending an old lady out to cruise the streets looking for how to solve this ridiculous nonsense), and I know there is no other Ellen Cantarow, either Ellen J or Ellen G.

A little application of intelligence would have been in order but these clerks are trained to be signally stupid, adhering at the expense of judgment, compassion, and reason, to The Rules.

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