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Last Updated On: April 25, 2017

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Income and share of medical know as medical needy

On Nov 2014 I reported self employed on my FLDCF renewal application. I had been back and forth with the market place for insurance which I don’t qualify for Obama care credit because before reporting the self employed income the Income that FLDCF counts as income is actually Tax exempt and considered an asset but FLDCF state they are allow to count it as income (so they state). I had reported an estimate of the self employed to the market place because they needed a number in income for the year which I could not provide so I gave estimate figure about I believe $500. The market place sent it back to medicaid because I qualify for Medicaid except Florida is one of the state that did not expand. This is where my renewal comes in.

My self employed is direct deposit but FLDCF does not except that as proof (so I was told). I submitted my self employed for the month twice I even confirmed the type of document i needed to summit to produce proof of self employed income and was told to either write it on paper or summit a form that they have online, regardless its a written paper by myself. When it was processed I noticed share of cost increase dramatically. I decided to summit a verification of income on March, 2015. I had an emergency visit this month of March which should had open medicaid with share of cost. I was told by the hospital that they faxed the bill to FLDCF on March 14,2015. Also community health department had tried to bill but did not get processed so i received a bill from them by mail. Today (3/27/15) I contacted FLDCF to question both amount of share of cost and hospital bill. The first agent i spoke to in the FLDCF stated they have not receive any bill from the hospital or community health and the only thing that shows in their system is the prescription which I submitted to them and CVS which they denied because share of cost has not reached the amount to open medicaid. I mentioned why is my share of cost so high and FLDCF stated the $600 self employed. I stated to the agent that when I did renewal I did not report that amount. So agent went and explained that what I had submitted as proof was not excepted so they entered last amount reported (At this time I new last amount reported is from the market place), agent corrected the amount and share of cost went down dramatically. I hang up with FLDCF agent and called hospital again to confirmed they had submitted the bill and the rep at the hospital stated they faxed on 3/14/15 as the first one i had spoken to stated. So called Tallahassee main FLDCF department to see if someone can look deeper as to why would they use an amount as income which they have no verification for (Market place asked for estimate of last years income or how much I think I would make this year), also to see why I have a hospital and community health department stating they submitted billing but FLDCF does not show on there system. The FLDCF agent responded with well the income has been correct and the system does not show any hospital bills except for prescription from CVS (Denied) and the one I submitted.

I want to let everyone know that I have had so many bad encounter with DCF for years many with hearings and a lot of it has to do with my money source which is tax exempt. I been deprived from benefits because of how FLDCF counts my source money (FLDCF counts it as unearned income). I had them add that I receive social security which I don’t even thought I do have a disability which I’ve tried to acknowledged but FLDCF tells me I have to go to a doctor and get documents (I can’t afford and have no insurance). Osceola Community health department denied the discount card they give out because I have share of cost but some how I got discount for dental. I have a $260-310 prescription from my visit to Community health center 3/2015 that needs to fill so that my eyes can get better (can’t work if I can’t see), but because FLDCF has somehow hidden the hospital bills which will open share of cost, CVS can not fill prescription unless I pay. Also I could had been deprived of correct amount of share of cost before the correction. Could not set up other doctor appointments because share of cost does not show open.


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