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Last Updated On: February 10, 2017

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Disrespect after death

I have a complaint and it’s about The Dougherty County Coroner Michael L Fowler Sr. On 02/07/2017 my Father Ricky McCall passed and he was called out as me and my family gathered around my Father Mr. Fowler very disrespectfully barged into the area we were at with me kneeling at my Father’s side attempting to pray and started to order everyone out
so that he could begin removal of the body.

We repeatedly asked if we could have a few more minutes with him to which Mr. Fowler responded very disrespectfully and insensitively “no I don’t have time for that I have to see how he died and I don’t care anything about what you are saying”.

Now this wasn’t a crime scene or even suspicious death actually half the EMT’s on the scene knew my father because they are always there taking him to the hospital. But in any case this was a family grieving after a loss and we were in the privacy our home and his investigation does not warrant that type of disrespect for a human being and their family after their death.

I was told when I called the County Commission office that I can’t file a complaint against an elected official whatever that means. Does that mean that this person is above any type of discipline or correction?

With a little research I have found out that many of the EMT’s and even the police are uncomfortable working with Mr. Fowler. So in summary I would like to make a formal complaint against Mr. Fowler for his behavior toward a grieving family and his total disrespect of a deceased person.


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