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Government plays a large role in our lives. Government determines where we live through residential and commercial zones, determines what quality food we can buy, how much we pay in taxes, and defines what punishments are appropriate for breaking established social norms. Government is involved with almost every aspect of our lives whether or not we fully realize it.

Because of its heavy involvement it’s not surprising that many people will have brushes with government or have complaints about it one way or another. From the people who work in the higher branches of government, down to our local governments, there are many departments and people involved. Not every person in government works for the benefit of society in general. Often time’s stories of real or suspected corruption are mentioned.

And individual people aren’t the only problems we can find in government. Many people become upset of the powers that lobbyists have in government. The big businesses that use lobbying as a tool so government will vote in their favor create many cases of hostility and anger. Lobbying is very noticeable when it comes to federal government but even individuals can lobby their local governments.

People sometimes disagree strongly with something their government has passed and will petition to have a law overturned. They may even call for the removal of a public official who has acted unethically or broken promises they made while campaigning. The right to speak out against our government and our officials is a right that was established into the founding of our constitution with the Freedom of Speech, and fortunately there are plenty of people willing to speak their minds when they have complaints about their government.

Government falls into three branches: the first is the executive branch under which we find the President of the United States, Governor for State Government and Mayor for local government. The second branch of government is the legislative branch; this the branch apply named because legislation or laws are created and voted for or against in this branch. The third branch is the Judiciary branch of government. To put it simply, it is the branch that upholds the laws into place and passes judgment on people or companies that break the agreed upon laws.

The three different branches of government are supposed to help keep the government as a whole balanced. Thus, why from your government classes in school you may remember the term checks and balances when you were learning about the three branches of government. But even though that is the way it’s supposed to work people may still feel that some branches are more powerful than the other and that one branch should be held accountable.

While balance and fairness is the goal it doesn’t mean that things won’t get passed that citizens won’t agree with. Or things may fail in government that citizens may truly support. People are very opinionated in political matters and people vary across the political spectrum. Some people range from extremely conservative to extremely liberal. Some people may consider themselves to be conservative but be tolerant and supportive of people who have more liberal views.

There are many reasons why people may be unhappy with government. It can be over something small at the local government level or it may over something large at the Federal level. People may not like that their city is choosing to stop running public busses. They may be unhappy about new curfews for children under 18 or new helmet laws.

If you have government complaints then share it with us here at We want to know what has happened within the government that has made you so unhappy. What laws have passed that you disagree with or who is representing you in government even though they’re not qualified.

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