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Last Updated On: April 26, 2017

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Business Name: Rhodes Ranch Golf and Country Club
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20 Rhodes Ranch Parkway
Las Vegas, Nevada 89148 USA

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Phone Number: 702-740-4114
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Reported Losses: $90,000.00
Average Reported Losses: $90,000.00

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Golf Course Contributing to Ongoing Grade F Air Quality

In 2009, the water authority of Southern Nevada offered all golf courses in Clark County huge rebates to remove as much grass as possible and replace with desert landscaping. Rhodes Ranch Golf Course participated because the then owner was very greedy. They not only wrecked the course they massacred the driving range. My home along with others back on to the driving range.

They let the grass die and poured this horrible granite mulch over the entire area. This mixture is used mostly on undisturbed land. A driving range is anything but. You have the constant hitting of the balls and the machinery going up and down picking up the stray balls. The amount of flying dust and dirt in the air is horrendous.

Las Vegas was named in a 2015 State of the Air report as one of the worst cities for air pollution and for particle pollution and the 9th worst for ozone pollution. Vegas often has high winds and in the Rhodes Ranch gated golf course community the winds are much above average. During the windy days, the dust and pollutant matter that comes off the driving range is horrific. You often can not see the club house on the other side the smog is so bad.

I have spoken to all the other courses that participated and out of RESPECT FOR THE HOMEOWNER, they did not touch the driving range. They all left the grass. Our HOA did not even know this was happening. I had to inform them. When I spoke to the then General Manager of the course he told me “lady, if you f…… don’t like it, you can f….. move away”.

Since 2009, we all have been sick as we are all breathing in these terrible pieces that collect in your lungs and cause breathing problems and CANCER. Unfortunately the EPA rules do not cover this type of issue.

If they did, it seems golf courses would not be included. They dance to their own drum beat. I would also add that anyone playing on the course is also at risk. Even though may not reside within the gates, they are still breathing in this matter during their 18 rounds of golf.


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