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Last Updated On: January 15, 2018

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Business Name: Top View Roofing LLC
Corporate Address:
112 NW 24th St
Fort Worth, Texas 76164 USA

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Phone Number: 817-900-8995
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Company Contact: Darby G Kyle - CEO, Owner
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
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Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $9,335.62
Average Reported Losses: $9,335.62

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Darby Kyle - Roofing Scam Artist

I was contacted by Darby Kyle of Top View Roofing in late October 2014 regarding a Sales Position with his company when he arrived in Denver from Texas. I negotiated a deal for 40% commission on profit,. a company provided vehicle and a gas card. Was provided a truck, no gas card. I had a few jobs already contracted and several more in process. Darby promised to give me more leads than I could handle and increase my sales by at least $5000 per job via supplements. Unfortunately, his Guatemala Call Center provided leads with bad phone numbers, names, addresses and the ones that I could get in contact with, weren’t interested. The call center set up in the office was no better, same problem. Next attempt was to hire canvassers who were never trained and there was no real effort or coordination to use them. Sales team was expected to be in the neighborhood to pursue any leads they got but we were not expected to knock on doors! This never panned out either.

I sold around 15 jobs to the tune of $150-200K to people I knew or referrels from them. I received $6500 in draws from Oct. 2014 – May 2015. Total profit on those jobs was $39589.05 (after 10% O/P off all checks collected, less expenses for material, labor, permit fee and misc other inspection fees). My 40% of profit was $15835.62 and less $6500 draws, left a balance of $9335.62. I have printed profit and loss statements showing all these postings which were applied via the accountant from Quickbooks to Acculynx and are accurate according to my records.

Unfortunately, every time I tried to provide my records, Darby would tell me “according to his accountant I was upside down” and “who should he believe, his accountant or me!” My response was simply to say that I didn’t make up the numbers, that in fact they came from the accountant, and that if there was a difference, I suggested he had an accounting problem. No matter what I provided, said, argued or justified with my documents, at NO TIME DID DARBY MAKE ANY ATTEMPT TO SHOW ME HIS RECORDS. It was always,” we’re looking into it and will settle up with you when all your jobs are collected”! I waited weeks for this to happen….

The final straw was the day the crew showed up at a customers house ready to go to work but the Homeowner didn’t want to write the $8000 check I was supposed to collect because they found out Top View Roofing had supplemented for around $6000 additional. I don’t write the supplements and quite honestly couldn’t justify what it was for and the homeowner became so nervous that I had to send the crew home. Darby Kyle called me to find out if I had resolved the problem with the homeowner and collected the check and when he found out I had not, he summoned me to the office.

First thing out of his mouth was that he was parting ways with me (which was fine because I didn’t like the way he did business anyway) but I asked him to let me keep the truck a couple more days so I could get a battery in my truck and emmission and register it (after all it had been sitting for almost 6 months)! I figured I could wash, vacuum and remove my things and return it on Friday and collect a check. He absolutely refused and had me driven home immediately. I removed all my personal things and the truck was returned in the same condition I received it. Everything in it was there when I got it, I couldn’t vacuum or wash it but Darby insisted I “pigged” it out. Smelled like a liquor store and a cigarette factory. I admit and he knew I smoked in it, just like he smokes dope in his truck, but there was never once even one ounce of liquor in it.

That was a Wednesday, refused to give me any money and said he’d have the accountant look at it again and pay me anything he owed me on Friday. Of course that didn’t happen that Friday or any Friday since mid April. In the interum he collected over $8000 from one customer and I picked up final payment on another job for $3666. I took that check to the office and sat down, again, with all my paperwork and copies for him and as we were reveiwing them, he asked me where the check was. Told him it was in my pocket and I would give it to him as soon as we resolved my commissions. At that point, he went ballistic and started screaming at me and looking around the office for witnesses, to accuse me of refusing to give it to him! Went off again about “pigging” out his truck, accused me of lying and he wasn’t going to trust my numbers because his accountant had different ones. At no time has he provided any documents to justify his case and in fact the accountant and I had reviewed the numbers a few weeks earlier and were within dollars of each other.

Darby Kyle pulled out of town on May 15th to return to OK. He turned the power off a week later and left several office staff workers, several Sales Staff, an Insurance Adjuster and a couple sub contracters UNPAID and has stated he has no intention of paying anybody! His sister held all the licensing in CO and is so disgusted and sick over his actions, that she pulled her licenses so nobody can pull permits on any of the jobs contracted but incomplete. Obviously the warranties won’t be valid either.

Several of my customers had extremely bad experiences with Darby, 50 yr I/R shingles replaced with 30 year Durations for a $380 rebate ($7700 profit on that job, house liened which almost prevented a refinance because he wouldn’t release the lien), wrong color installed because he couldn’t wait a day or two to ship them in, double drip edge installed causing a major confrontation between homeowner and Darby, a paint contracter who completed job in 3 days that Darby refused to pay because the insurance company hadn’t released depreciation and multiple other issues with other customers, mainly related to final payment.

Considering Darby left everyone broke and in a bind, it would be very difficult for us to go after him to collect our money, especially since he’s out of state. We suspect he pocketed all the money and rumor has it that he can’t work in OK because the AG there is after him.

Somebody needs to put this scam artist out of business and those of us in CO are more than happy to provide personal statements, documents and customer experiences. If this is of any interest to you, please contact me and I will rally the troops and provide anything you need.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Respectfully, Jana Ballast | | 303-725-9112 | Aurora CO

Top View Roofing – Hail Storm Relief – Southwest Roofing 11500 W Colfax Ave Lakewood CO 80215 | 405-464-4425

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Recent rumors are that AG in CO are going to the grand jury to indict darby kyle on insurance and bank fraud charges related to only one customer. My original post here had generated many calls from attorneys representing other employess or subcontractors darby kyle didn’t pay, in CO, OK AND TX!

I DOUBT I’LL EVER get my money, but i would feel vindicated if he rots in jail!

I will second EVERYTHING Jana said and more. I was taken for nearly triple. He’s gonna get what he deserves either here or in the next life.


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