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Last Updated On: February 7, 2018

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Business Name: Steve's Custom Paint N Stain Utah
Corporate Address:
1063 N Berkshire Dr
Washington, Utah 84780 USA

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Phone Number: 435-773-8201
Company Contact: Steven Labossiere - Principal


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
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Reported Losses: $700.00
Average Reported Losses: $700.00

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Paint N Stain Ugh!

Hired Steve’s Custom Paint N Stain was hired to restain my patio, walkway and driveway. This restaining was the third time for the concrete in 8 years. The past winter had left the concrete crumbling and water damaged on the front walkway which had to be completely removed and replaced. Once the new areas were dried and ready for painting and staining STEVE was to commence work in May, 2014. The temps were also warm enough for him to work without weather issues. My vacation May 9-18) coincided with his work on the property leaving him complete access. From the proposal he wrote “pwr wash driveway-walkway & back patio 2 coats epoxacryl with sand grit. Total $1400 7year warranty (peeling flaking).

He did not complete during my time away from my house. Upon my return he had numerous excuses about access to my property being limited due to neighbors. He arrived to complete the job the day after I returned home (May 19). I ended up removing rear patio furniture, and returning it to position 2 days later. The paint/stain was a red burgandy color and appeared dull. Summer rains left standing water on the back patio and water marks which in turn showed flecking and buckling.

I called Steve, and he said “oh, it’s probably the sprinklers”. Turning the direction of the sprinklers didn’t solve the problem. Stains remained. I even had the patio power washed trying to remove the stains. STEVE suggested I probably needed better drainage pulling the grass and sprinklers away from the patio. He came by and produced a proposal that said it had a lesser guarantee and included clauses that were not in the inital proposal I had. Pretty much voiding any responsibility he had. He also brought his paint supplier (why I’m not sure). I reminded Steve that what he had was NOT a proposal I had signed or had been given to me at the conclusion of his work performance. I was insulted that he decided to switch proposals on me. It was dishonest.

Since it was still less than 6 months since he concluded his work I expected him to uphold his guarantee regarding the peeling, flecking, and water stains. I agreed to have the drainage evaluated and redesigned to alleviate any future standing water from lawn or gutters. Upon completion Steve would correct the patio.

Now that we are past the winter months, the drainage and redesign of the rear yard, pulling the grass a good 3 feet away from the patio (with new drainage), gravel and curbing have all been completed. We’ve had more rain and the area of the patio remains dry (the water stains are all previous). STEVE has been notified (March 19, 2015) with a voice message and photo). He has yet to reply regarding correcting the patio area. I have had his previous work evaluated by other concrete staining and coating vendors in the area. It indeed needs to be painted, stained and waterproofed.

I am going to paste this complaint and send to him via snail mail (certified) as an additional attempt to get this rectified.


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