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Last Updated On: August 20, 2017

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Business Name: Sharkey Nails It Construction Co Inc
Corporate Address:
6150 E 226 St
Cicero, Indiana 46062 USA

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Phone Number: 317-877-6245
Company Contact: Mick Sharkey - Owner
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 1 Review
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Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $8,275.00
Average Reported Losses: $8,275.00

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The contractor, Mick Sharkey of Sharkey Nails It Construction Company started a complete roof replace on my house and garage roof in August of 2013. The contractor did a horrible job. He installed the wrong sized skylight in my kitchen which has been leaking because it was not only the wrong size but because it was not properly sealed. I informed the contractor I did not want the wrong sized skylight in my kitchen. He proceeded to tell me he would have to charge me extra to put the right size skylight in. He claimed there was not a skylight available in the size that would properly fit my kitchen skylight opening. I found the right sized skylight online through General Supply and sent the contractor a picture and description of it.

What he told me about the size not being available was a bold faced lie! My skylight in my kitchen has been leaking for over 6 months now. I have had several shingles blow off from my garage roof only two months after the roof was finished. The shingles that had blew off my garage roof hit a few different pieces of my vinyl siding and cracked them. My garage roof started leaking only a month after the roof was finished.The metal vent on my garage roof was not replaced like stated on the contract like it was supposed to be along with it not being sealed properly which is the cause for leaks. The drip edge on my roof was not replaced either which is a standard procedure.

I have contacted this contractor on several occasions about coming back to my home to solve the issues and he kept putting me off. He also installed fence posts incorrectly and charged me for materials not used in the process. He dug into my gas line & broke it and then charged me to fix it all because he chose not to call 811 before he dug. That was scandalous in my eyes. A quick way to make an extra $150 off of me.

The contractor stepped on my gutter downspout and smashed it flat. I had to go buy another piece of guttering. There was an occasion when the contractor came by my home to give me an estimate on a fence project and he was drinking beer. He opened up and drank another can of beer before he was done with the fence project. I did not believe that was professional by any means. He collected money from me several times throughout the job stating he had to renew his contractor license & insisted I pay him in full before the job was finished. He took an excessive amount of time from start to finish on my roof due to the fact he would only work on it a day or two a time then be gone for several days to a week. I did not think that was right but he threatened to walk off the job and take me to court if I did not pay him in full.

This contractor was very unprofessional and has a very ill mannered, cocky attitude. There were nails, trash and cigarette butts all over my yard. I found empty beer cans in my outside trash bins so that would indicate he was drinking on the job. Unfortunately I was at work most of the time throughout the job so I did not get to supervise his actions. I have had a few different contractors come to my home to look at this horrible roof job that was done. I have one estimate so far on costs for repairs to my leaking skylight and costs for repairs for the leaks in my garage. I am waiting for another estimate for costs to replace the whole roof on my house and garage.

I am seeking a refund of $8275.00 so my roof on my house and garage can be replaced CORRECTLY to prevent further damage caused by the current leaks in my home due to a horrible roof job.

Sharkey Nails It Construction Company – 6150 East 226 St Cicero, In 46034

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