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Last Updated On: July 10, 2017

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Business Name: Rick McElroy Home Improvements LLC
Corporate Address:
204 NE 825th Rd
Warrensburg, Missouri 64093 USA

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Phone Number: 660-238-6232
Corp Email: topcontractor755@gmail.com
Company Contact: Rick McElroy - Owner


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Unbelievable "Hosejob" in Pleasant Hill

McElroy Home Improvements out of Warrensburg Missouri which I got through Home Advisors. BTW… I cannot get to the home advisor site any longer… as if they have blocked me. I hired them to lay 18 X 18 inch Black Granite tiling in my Kitchen and Dining room.

First sign of trouble was when they didn’t know how to lay hardyboard.

Second sign was they didn’t know how to use the seam tape and Mud.

Third sign was they never showed up with a level until day three after I asked why they weren’t using one.

Fourth sign was when they only used the corner spacers when I pressed the issue.

They estimated 2 days and it took them 4 and that wasn’t even accounting for cleanup of grout lines and sealing. They gouged a chunk out of my doorway when carrying in the hardyboard, they got cement and grout up the walls, up the doors, on the cabinets, on my white AZEK deck, on my french doors and on the storm door. The color of my grout was “Midnight black” … so you can imagine. The rooms are still like that as I’ll need to hire someone else to fix the grout lines, trim and doors.

I paid this guy $900 dollars to start and was to pay him $850 when finished. He showed up on day four telling me he was already in the hole on this job due to all the setbacks (having to learn how to install Hardy Board and then take it all up and cement it down as it was supposed to be) and wanted to know if I would just pay him the remainder and call it done. I showed him the damaged doorway, the black grout and cement on the doors, walls, trim, cabinets and deck, showed him the grout lines that had huge holes where grout was just missing, showed him where the grout was so far recessed between some tiles you couldn’t even tell it was there until you stood over it. I also told him his team was to clean the excess grout off the tiles and seal the grout and then cleanup their huge mess yet. I told him the deal was that I would pay him the remainder when it was done. They obviously had a lot of work yet to do. His response was….. “Or we could just not come back” and I responded with “Well, yes, I guess that is your choice”.

They walked out of my house and I’ve not heard from them since.

I found out today that they have placed a Mechanic’s Lien on my house. I am filing a complaint with the Missouri Attorney General’s office. This contractor and Home Advisor are criminals and should be stopped!

Official Responses from Rick McElroy Home Improvements

By: Rick McElroy On: June 9, 2016

Response from Rick McElroy – Owner of Rick McElroy Home Improvements LLC

We did an excellent job laying these tiles and the evidence is posted on our webpage and through Home Advisor. This person did not pay her bill and never intended to. She has this pattern of behavior with contractors as verified through the Missouri Attorney General’s office. We have an active Mechanic’s Lien on her property. Her brash and negative actions as a bully caused our entire team to not want to return to her house, ever. We have a very successful business based on customer satisfaction. Some customers are just plain unsatisfiable. The floor is beautiful.

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