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Last Updated On: June 27, 2017

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Business Name: Michael & Anthony's Painting LLC
Corporate Address:
2374 US-130
North Brunswick, New Jersey 08902 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 732-925-4920
Corp Email: michaelandanthonyspainting@yahoo.com
Company Contact: Roger Mascaritola - Principal
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
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Breach of Contract, written and verbal. I spent $3,370 in services only for painting, a sliding glass door replacement and crown molding installation. I paid for all materials and hired Michael and Anthony’s Painting (Marco) for the labor.

He failed to show up when promised on a regular basis, he ignored phone calls left on both his business line and cell phone and he refused to finish the job he has been paid for in full for.

He did not finish the painting or the crown molding in any of four rooms and he did not finish the sliding glass door (Please see attached photos). He left a 1”, un-insulated gap around the entire door inside and out and out. I bought the crown molding, the paint and the door and paid him $1,020 to install the molding and $400 for the door. The remaining $1,950 was for painting.

Temperatures dropped below freezing and I had to hire another contractor to finish the sliding glass door (insulate the gap and install wood molding around the door) inside and outside.

I finished the rest on my own (the painting and crown molding) which obviously I shouldn’t have had to do.

I should have done my due diligence prior to hiring Michael and Anthony’s Painting. Had I done so, I would have seen many other customers on his company website had nearly identical issues with him and his company.

I filed a police report with North Brunswick Police Department on 10/13/15 and a complaint with the Better Business Bureau the same day that went “unresolved”. BBB suggested contacting your organization.

The reason I paid him prior to finishing the job is Mr. Mascaritola stated that he had a low bank balance and asked me as a favor to pay him at lunch time on the day he was supposed to finish the job and against my better judgment, I did. Then he “ran out of caulk and paint” for the crown molding and realized he ordered me a door too small to fit the frame, the door that he ordered and I paid for.

After promising he’d return to finish the job, he stopped returning all of my and my wife’s phone calls to his office line and cell phone.

In addition, Marco is unprofessional to say the least. He called my wife a “witch” and told me I shouldn’t have children with her. He used profanity throughout the entire job, made offensive racial comments and the contractor he hired for the sliding glass door drank on the job and I have witnesses.

I picked up 4 empty beer cans (3 on my deck, one in my garage where he prepped the door).

As of 6/26/17, Marco never did pay me the judgment I was awarded in court. I had to have him served with an arrest warrant for failure to complete an information subpoena.

He finally provided it and he claims he owns no property, no vehicle (even though he wrote in he owned both, then crossed them out) he claims has no checking account and does not even own a business.

He’s a liar and this will all catch up with him.

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