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Last Updated On: August 14, 2017

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Business Name: MC Handyman Sacramento
Corporate Address:
3195 Bredehost Way
Sacramento, California 95838 USA

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Phone Number: 916-662-6923


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 1 Review
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Is MC Handyman a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Corrected their mess at a cost of $1,250

Hired MC Handyman after receiving their contact information from HomeAdvisors. Interviewed the company in the presence of my real estate agent. The company agreed to paint and install pendant lights in the bathroom. The company provided me a total cost for the job to be paid at the conclusion of the work – I was to provide the paint and the materials. The company was to complete the job in 72 hours.

I spent more than $450.00 for materials. The owner and his son tried to make me buy more paint than the job required. The paint store employee told me No- you don’t need that. The next day the MC Handyman sons came to my home and began to paper and tape everything and began to spray paint my moldings my brown wood beams – they taped my ceiling and the tape pulled the paint from the ceiling exposing the drywall.

Then the son began to demand money on the first day – when I refused to pay him because the work was not done he and his brother walked off the job. I called HomeAdvisors. I spoke with an escalation specialist. They asked me to talk with the owner – I met with the owner and he guaranteed he would complete the work in a craftsman like manner.

The next day – 72 hrs later he arrived at my home with his wife and said he would complete the job in two hours – he could not stay because of other jobs he had committed to. His wife began to demand money because they needed money. She began to ask about my applicances and go into rooms they had no business in. 4 hours later they broke my pendant lighting and left it hanging from the ceiling. There was white paint dripping from the brown window frame and half the frame remain brown. This was to be painted, They over sprayed paint on my hardwood floors.

Then they left asking to come back another day. My home was ruined. I called another painting contractor that corrected their mess at a cost of 1,250.00. Worst of all I contacted HomeAdvisors and wrote a comment rating them a 1 because there is no ratings for a negative performance of a contractor. I write the review To warn other consumers. HomeAdvisors listed the review then they removed it. HomeAdvisors reasoning for removing it was MC Handyman commented stating they wanted to correct the problem. The total damages of cost I suffered because of MC Handyman negligence is more than 2,500.00. And yes I have receipts and pictures to show their horrible work.

The company that corrected their work was horrified – and I found them on HomeAdvisors. In fact I had I viewed this company the day I interviewed MC Handyman. I called HomeAdvisors and reported this a third time and asked why they removed my comments and whether they would come to see the damage.

They refused to come out and inspect the problem. I asked them to talk with the contractor that corrected the problem that MC Handyman caused – they said they refused. I told HomeAdvisor that their actions would cause future harm to other consumers that MC Handyman was a SCAM operation. To be clear I was the first to write a review for MC Handyman – at the time I posted my comments HomeAdvisors admitted they had not vetted this contractors work! – now my comments have been replaced with two five star comment reviews.

I wrote a second comment review and HomeAdvisors said they will not post it because only one review is allowed pre incident. I told HomeAdvisors I intended report this entire incident to the California Department for Consumer Affairs, the licensing division and the BBB. HomeAdvisors is allowing this company to be advertised and they will harm other consumers. Beware!

Run Don’t Walk from MC Handyman and Don’t Believe all of the ratings you read on HomeAdvisor.

HomeAdvisors contractors are NOT vetted the company will excellent ratings to be published and remove the bad reviews. They allow the contractor to run what is published and when things go wrong HomeAdvisors will not investigate. The entire incident I suffered is a result of a SCAM and an attempt to take my money for a job they could not do. Watch out.


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