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Last Updated On: November 25, 2017

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Business Name: JRJ Contracting Inc
Corporate Address:
4309 Royalton Center Rd
Gasport, New York 14067 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 716-531-6578
Corp Email: jrjcontracting@yahoo.com
Company Contact: Justin R. Jerge - Owner
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 5 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 4

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $61,820.00
Average Reported Losses: $12,364.00

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Consumer Fraud Parasite

I browsed a website providing contractor referrals in September 2011 and submitted a quote request. I was supplied with 3 referrals which I did not immediately contact. With 24 hours, Justin Jerge of JRJ Contracting, Gasport, NY contacted ME and pushed his way into a meeting.

At first I was pleased with the opportunity to get some information about the potential project costs, but that meeting began a dismal experience where I was defrauded by him of a total of $11,270.00 that I obtained by refinancing my modest single-family home of 11 years. It cost me almost as much in legal fees to sue the lying con-artist over the next two years, who delayed constantly, costing me further dear monies, and bamboozled his way into numerous postponements and switching up of legal counsel that ultimately ended with his defaulting on the proceedings altogether, and the judge issuing a $14,000 judgment to resolve my complaint.

One week after that decision, his name appeared in the Buffalo News as having his bank accounts frozen by the NYS Attorney General for fraudulence against numerous other parties! So much for collecting on my judgment…looks like I’ll have to get into the long line of innocent people he has cheated and lied to along with me!

What a horrible excuse for a human being this b*m is. I hope he is prosecuted to the full extent of the law, which could result in criminal charges, should he be found guilty of intent to defraud (is there any question?!)…exactly what he deserves, in my opinion. Low-life scum I wish I had never crossed paths with! Lies with a smile on his face, just like a demon. May he suffer as he has caused suffering! Then maybe he’ll get a taste of what it feels like to be helpless victim at the mercy of a ruthless force. Pure scum! He has earned his sorry reputation in spades.

Official Responses from JRJ Contracting

By: Justin Jerge On: July 16, 2013

My Company Was contracted in august September of 2012 to complete some work for Mr. and Mrs. David Dyviniak of Creekside bend in Pendleton. At first we were under contract to complete both a concrete foundation as well as a three seasons porch off the back of their home. After contracts were drawn and architectural drawings and been drawn, they had advised me that their financial adviser had informed that they better put their project on hold due to limited income. A few weeks after, Mrs. Dyviniak contacted me about her interest in both the foundation and the sidewalk and inquired about possibly completing these things in the fall of 2012 to have a jumpstart on the project. I had informed her that over the past few years concrete had made slight increases in price ;therefore, if she wanted to secure the best price available, the fall would be a great time to get it done. I also informed her that our schedule was very busy due to previously contracted work, and while we were able to complete the work in the fall, i was unable to secure an exact date and time frame due to changing weather. Both David and Pat agreed to move forward with the concrete work. I had given them a Job total for the foundation, Patio and the sidewalk, which included poly tubing for a later installed heating system. They had made a decision to Pay for the work upfront, it was not required. Before beginning the project, Mrs. Dyviniak informed me that she would like to increase the size of the foundation as well as the porch, from 15’x20′ to 20’x20′. I informed her that there would be an additional charge for both the foundation as well as the porch. No additional money was collected at this point in time, rightfully so. The project got under way and the foundation and the backfilling were completed in October of 2012 as promised. The weather began to quickly fall apart and we were unable to poor the cap until the warm spell that came in January of 2013. In November of 2012 Both Pat and David had decided to contract to the remaining work on the porch. They had claimed that Pat was back to work and that they were comfortable with the financial terms. On December 2nd of 2012 Contracts were signed for the remaining work. A deposit of $15000,00 was collected due to the amount of materials that had to be special ordered, which had 5-6 week lead times. We gave the Dyviniaks an estimated start date of January 7th, Weather permitting. By January 14th we were underway. The weather gave us hope for about a week and quickly fell apart prior to us completing the concrete cap. Due to extreme weather conditions we decided to install the boiler system that would be used to heat the structure in the future. I quickly learned of Pats eagerness to have the project completed due to the numerous threats to call channel 4. I explained to her that we were doing everything in our power with the weather in which we were being granted. Our contract was signed by both myself and Pat and it stated that time was NOT of the essence and that weather may play a large role in the delay. After the boiler system was installed we set out to begin the framing however, did not receive a promising day of weather in a satisfactory time frame for Pat. When contact was made to discuss the situation and confirm our appearance the following day, we were asked to cease all work, prior to our estimated completion date. Through much conversation, a solution of completing the project was unable to be reached. Both the Dyviniaks and myself decided it would be best us to part paths. I explained that there would be penalties due to restocking fees, ect. due the the returned/unaccepted materials. They expressed their understanding. I expressed my understanding that a partial refund will be reasonable, a substantial amount of work had been completed. Also, there were some restocking penalties that may effect the refund. After much debate we have reached a desired settlement. I wish the Dyviniaks the best with the raminder of their project.

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Attorney General Eric Schniederman today announced a lawsuit against a Western New York home improvement contractor for defrauding consumers by accepting payments for work he never performed. According to the petition, Justin Jerge, who does business as JRJ Contracting, has collected thousands of dollars for home repairs that he never provided or for supplies he never ordered. The petition also alleges that when Jerge did do home repairs, his work was shoddy.
Individuals with complaints against Jerge should contact Attorney General Schneiderman’s consumer help line at (800) 771-7755 or his Buffalo Regional Office at (716) 853-8400.

A.G. Schneiderman Seeks Penalties, Refunds For Victims Of Alleged Fraudulent Home Improvement Contractor Suit Alleges That Contractor Accepted Payments For Work That Was Subpar Or Never Performed Schneiderman: Dishonest Contractors Who Defraud New York Homeowners Will Be Held Accountable BUFFALO – Attorney General Eric Schniederman today announced a lawsuit against a Western New York home improvement contractor for defrauding consumers by accepting payments for work he never performed. According to the petition, Justin Jerge, who does business as JRJ Contracting, has collected thousands of dollars for home repairs that he never provided or for supplies he never ordered. The petition… Read more »

Thief/Liar – a most accurate appraisal of this character who calls himself a contractor. This misguided and ignorant law-breaker is paving a road to hell with his deceitfulness. If you are considering parting with your hard-earned money for a project with this loser, I feel sorry for you! Avoid him like the plague – he will burn you! It’s his only aim.

Don’t hire him bottom line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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