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Last Updated On: November 25, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Energy Efficient Construction Co Inc
Corporate Address:
3829 W Rd
Trenton, Michigan 48183 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 734-676-1344
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Jim Ebel - Founder, Owner
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 1 Review
Number Of Comments: 0

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $20,800.00
Average Reported Losses: $20,800.00

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Contractor Out to Lunch

Energy Efficient Windows Co, Construction Landscaping or whatever they call them self this week is not owner by Jim Ebel any more. The guys who run it now are riding on Mr Ebe’ls reputation. Their employee /sales person, Mark, is a complete idiot having no clue how to write a construction contract leaving many gaps in contract, having to be re- written many many times. Couldn’t read Insurance quote of replacement cost vs actual cost. He threw a price on paper and promised us all kinds of extras only to back out of them months down the road. All in the contract, contracted in July 2015

Complaints to owner Dale Howard and Alan Ray are not listening and turn deaf ear, But Howard can’t wait to take our Insurance money promising they will be on the job in days no more than 7 business days. Once they had our money it was weeks before Anything happen. They never measured anything.

Sales person Mark was handling everything every call for action to start job was pushed off to Mark. We asked Question before signing contract like:

Do you have your own crews? Yes, We were sub -contracted!

Do you have enough capital to start right away? Oh yes, Said Mr Howard, Nope wasn’t started for 3weeks after they had 1/2 insurance money. Im sure they used our money to finish someone elses job and had to get more deposits from someone else to pay for our job. during that time their web site changed from visa and master card to credit and cash only!

My roof was finally started in Oct 1 week2015 Just left with side wall open on s.w. side with wind and rain blowing into my sidewall and attic my baffles blowing down street. While a dumpster that is chained and wheel-locked is blocking the whole front of my home, forcing me walk in a lake building up around the two entrances to my home.

I call repeatedly about having the dumpster removed and told it is none of my business who the company is and that they Energy Efficient has no control over the dumpster co or when they pick it up. They had been 8/10 done with roof for two weeks, no other tear off was to be done. I am telling you everything they were to do had to be questioned and I was lied too over and over again. Chasing them for any answers was stressful to the point that I would go down there only to be we were just calling your phone showing me the first wrongly written contract statement with my first name misspelled and phone number reversed.

Very disorganized and disorderly, plus they gossip in front of any one in show office about other clients and suppliers. Never called me to say why they weren’t on time, stood me up on at least 8 times and just got my roof inspected after requesting it from the start. They had to be forced to file building permit, Just one thing and headache after another.

Day before Thanksgiving 11/25/15 Put on open side wall but no gutters that they tool off and still not on, Came to mutual agreement that they would release us from the contract this was on 11/11/15 But no letter yet! Bonus from Ins company Lost 2K, Plus they have held up other contractors from working on our house. Energy Lost Construction it just goes on still going.

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