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Last Updated On: November 6, 2017

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Business Name: Cotter Contracting and Construction
Cobourg, Ontario Canada

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Phone Number: 289-771-1229
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Average Rating: 3.00 out of 5
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Reported Losses: $3,000.00
Average Reported Losses: $3,000.00

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Contractor who gets paid to do work, and does not return to finish the work

Hello, I had a house fire on Jan 2, 2015, and was displaced from my home for 18 months. I hired a contractor to do a tear down of the home, and a complete rebuild of the this home. The contractor is – Cotter Contracting and Construction and can be reached at 289-771-1229. This contractor always asked to be paid labor money up front, so in his words that he could then afford to pay his workers to get the job done quickly. This never happened, I was told in the beginning that a crew of people would be working on my home, and it could be completed after the tear down in 4 to 6 months maximum.

I don’t call one or at best two people working a crew, and many days there was only one person in the home, and they were often only there for 5 hours and then gone, as they had another job to go to. Overall the work done was not terrible, however mistakes were made and many were never corrected. I did pay him all his labor money up front during the rebuild project plus material costs. He was paid just over $83,000 for labor during the 9 months it took to get this job completed, yes you heard correctly.

This job was started in October of 2015, the original completion date was April 1, 2016, this was never achieved, and month after month the date was pushed ahead with rent money from my insurance company running out. Finally I was able to move back in on August 1, 2016, but the house was only 90% complete, and I was promised 100% completion on this. Every time I gave this contractor a considerable sum of money in segments, often $10,000 at a time, he would not show up to do the work and would often take extra long weekends off(as long as 4 days).

Then during the week, there was often only one person working, or nobody at all, is it any wonder the time for completion was about 4 months longer than promised. There were many mistakes made on thus home, and very few were ever corrected. My vinyl siding on the east side of my home is badly buckled, in two separate locations, the contractor is aware of this problem and it has never been corrected.

The following is a list of problems with this rebuild:-

1- Plumbing in my bathroom with a bathtub was left three inches off centre with the bathtub, the contractor was aware of this and did not make corrections

2- Trim around the inside entrances to a room for my hydro panel, my linen closets, and my under the stair storage area were never finished, as well as the entrance area to my basement

3- My countertop in my kitchen was never fished being installed, the mitre was not joined, and a small counter was never installed either, the contractor was paid $1,150 for labor to install this kitchen, and the dishwasher was never plumbed in either

4- humps were left in my kitchen floor and my laundry room and this could have been corrected but never was

5- The drywall under my stairwell was never finished or the area going to my basement(it was taped and about 50% of it was mudded and left unfinished

6- Hardwood flooring was installed with some slivers of wood missing on the outside edges and even some had chipped areas and was installed anyway, I was told to buy a pen to color this over to hide the mistakes

7- My vent for my dryer was drilled in the wrong location, and the wall which was brand new had to be patched, it was mudded and left unfinished

8- A hole was drilled through my bathroom wall in one side and out the other when they were installing the bathtub shower head, the wall once again had to be patched, and was left unfinished

9- There was a major plumbing leak after moving in, there was 2 plus gallons of water pouring through my living room ceiling from an abs pipe that was not glued correctly from the plumber that my contractor hired, this was corrected 4 days after the initial occurrence

10- There was a blockage in the plumbing system from either a piece of wood or part of a rag being left in the pipe when the toilet was installed by my contractor, or one of his workers, a snake auger had to be put through the entire plumbing system to push the obstruction out into the sewer system

11- My living room ceiling was cut open to repair the plumbing problem, it was repaired and one coat of drywall compound applied, the contractor never returned to finish this, even though I offered to sand and repaint this area myself

12- baseboards in the area to the basement were never installed

13- My closet wall in the rear bedroom was left all scuffed up when the attic hatch was done, and my closet light shade was broken, no offer was ever made by the contractor to pay for a new one

14- window casings were never painted

15- linen closet doors were cut to fit, but were all cut on one side, so they are all off centre,

15- vinyl flooring instead of allure locking flooring had to be installed in my laundry room due to a big hump left in the floor

16- attic hatches were made cheap out of drywall, these should have been plywood so that a handle could be installed

17- when my kitchen light was installed, the area around the electrical box was cut too big and the light base did not cover this

18- my water meter and sump pump were allowed to frezze in the winter as my contractor did not use propane heaters as promised to prevent this from happening, these items were replaced at my cost, $506 for a new water meter, and $120 for a new sump pump

19- some walls were not sanded properly, lumps left and just painted over

20- trim around shower only half done. I was told when I hired this person that” you will not believe the quality of the work you will receive from me’, you are correct because I dont, it did not happen.

This contractor would often tell me he was coming back to finish work not completed, and would not show up or even phone me to let me know he would not be coming. I dont know how he sleeps at night knowing that he left work unfinished that he was paid to do, now I must get other people in and pay them to do this work, this is not right.

I cannot recommend that anyone use this person to do a job for them, he also has to be chased to get material receipts for money spent, I barely have half of the receipts for this. He was supposed to pay for damage to the grass near the road during construction, this was also never done, he simply does not care, he sure can take your money quick enough!

If you do use this guy, never pay him by the hour, only by the job, get everything he promises to do in writing in detail, insist on material receipts for everything spent, and if you have a tight time frame to get a job done, dont use him, it will never happen.

You can reach him at:-289-771-1229 or go on his website where I have filed a complaint against his business and posted it public, his website is:- Cotter Contracting and Construction, there are pics of my home on his website at 7 University Avenue East, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. K9A1C6.


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