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Last Updated On: August 17, 2017

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Business Name: A&R Complete Service Corp
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3212 Procyon St
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102 USA

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Phone Number: 702-416-3571
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Reported Losses: $855.00
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HVAC Repair Bogus Charges

I live in Las Vegas Nevada. My Air Conditioner stopped working in the bed rooms at my house so I called my home warranty American Home Shield (AHS), AHS chose A & R (AR) Complete Service Corp as my contractor here in Las Vegas NV.

When the AR technician showed-up he told us that he found a leak near the compressor so he repaired it and charged us $630 for Freon since it apparently, all leaked out. I thought the charge was excessive but I just swallowed the cost and moved on.

When I got home from work I discovered it was still hot in the bed rooms. I called AR and they stated they would sent someone over in a few days.

They dispatched the same technician and this time he stated that the Air Compressor died and needed to be replaced. He also stated I would have to pay $50 to recharge the compressor once installed and a $250.00 compressor disposal fee.

I questioned why I was being charged the $50.00 for the recharge fee, because I just paid $630 for the Freon. I didn’t feel it was a legit charge since the technician misdiagnosed the original problem.

So anyways, I brushed it off and the technician told me he would have to order the compressor, and they would schedule an appt when it arrived.

The very next day a woman from AR called to remind us that we must agree to pay the $300 total charges otherwise they would not repair our AC. I brushed it off until I had the chance to talk to AHS about the charges.

I called AHS they stated the $300 charges were not covered under the warranty so I was required to pay.

I was not happy and felt it all smelled fishy. At the time, I was only concerned about the $50 charge, so I did some research on google and I discovered that the $250 compressor disposal fee was bogus. I found several YELP complaints, articles and even a RIPOFF report mentioning AR.

I the checked the Republic Services website as well as the Nevada EPA website and both stated that as long as the compressor was Freon free there were no disposal requirements or fees. Since I knew my compressor was going to be completely be replaced it would not contain Freon so therefore the $250 charge was bogus.

Republic Service excepts the disposal of compressor without any charge. I also found many other complaints on Yelp, the Ripoff Report, and the BBB about AR.

Now here is where it gets crazy.

In preparation for the repair I made copies of several articles I found on the Internet. When the technician arrived, the very first thing, he told me I would have to pay him the charges first, before he did the work, otherwise he would not repair my AC.

Now this really pissed me off because I had already paid the $75.00 service fee, and $630 for really nothing, because the technician misdiagnosed the real problem. And now they were forcing me to pay the charges first otherwise no repair.

So that’s when I mentioned the articles and told him I was not going to pay him I had no problem paying the $50.00 charge, but I was not paying the $250 for the disposal.

The technician then called the owner, and about 20 minutes or so the technician came back into my house and told me that I didn’t need to pay the $250.00 disposal fee. However now I needed to pay $150.00 for the original $50.00 work.

Regardless of what I said they refused to do the repairs unless I paid the $150.

At this point I was already without AC for almost two weeks so at this point I had no choice but to pay it or be without AC. Living in Las Vegas at 110 degrees’ days and 100-degree nights is not something I’d wish on anyone.

WARNING do your homework before you contract with anyone. Two things I would do before you except any AC contractor:

1. Ask how much they charge for Freon, and

2. do they charge a compress disposal fee?

Then decide.

By the way; AR is not the only HVAC company that is charging disposal fees, so be on the lookout. ALSO, I must mention there are several articles that reference AHS also involved with these charges.

I’m now looking for a lawyer because companies like these need to be held responsible.

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