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Last Updated On: September 28, 2017

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Business Name: Ageless Restoration Inc
Corporate Address:
1311 Gorden St
Camden, South Carolina 29020 USA

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Phone Number: 803-422-8241
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Paul & Beth Krugman - Owners
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 1 Review
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Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $5,400.00
Average Reported Losses: $5,400.00

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Don't pay until they have fulfilled their promises, they won't come back.

Built roof over back patio. Would not return to complete construct/repair which leaked profusely. The structure has inadequate structural integrity.

Started the first week of April 2015. Installed 24+ ft rafters in pieces that end up sagging, especially at the butts. I told them the roof was too weak and needed strengthening ( Now I have doubled them and put steel plates on all the butted joints). They committed to returning to strengthen the pieced together rafters with steel–but will not come back or return calls.

They originally committed to 16/16″ spacing and used 24/24″ (approximately– each rafter appears to have its own dimensions) Didn’t use Plywood clips and when the roof leaked and soaked the plywood, the plywood warped at the joints. They used 3/8″ plywood which bows and dips when you have to walk on it (too thin for 24″ clearances on a large roof. I used three tubes of silicone to seal at the flashing where there were gaps in excess of 8 inches against the house. They shot nails through the shingles outside the drip edge. Didn’t bring enough shingles to job with rain expecting. I loaned them old shingles from the main roof that didn’t exactly match. They offered to replace to match, but never returned or returned calls to respond.

Called them, e-mailed and texted on April 17 during rain because of leaks, Although they email to return, they would not return calls or show to fix it. I’m installing another post on a weight bearing outer run to strengthen roof where the main support is sagging.

On one header (18′), they have less than six screws. They used 4″ screws on the main header–the wall thickness to reach a stud is 3 1/2″. That header should have been lag-bolted. They promised to fix a tailpiece on a gutter they cut off, no return.

They showed up several times without the proper tools and I loaned them mine in effort to keep the job moving. They broke a shop broom and promised to replace–Didn’t.

I can’t determine if they lack the knowledge/skills or do not care. My biggest mistake was paying them in full before a final resolution. However, they asked for money to make payroll and I felt for the guys and hoped for an honor system.

The owner, Beth, was comfortable telling me what I wanted to hear without validity. For example: She told me the minimum clearance by the pool gate was 7′-3″ and when I called her while standing next to it and told her it was 6′-2″, she still claimed that it was over 7 feet. I’m under 6′ tall so it was easy to see. She does not have a grasp of their trade.

I have consulted with a civil engineer and it is agreed that the structure was built without a knowledge of needed dimensions and materials required to ensure its integrity. I originally thought that the job was outside their scope of roofing, but even a good roofer doesn’t leak major leaks at the flashing or use the wrong materials. I now would not allow them to effect anymore repairs as I doubt their abilities and intentions.

New roof leaks. They would not answer calls to finish the promised repairs. See BBB Case 34043541

The entire structure has been reinforced with 6 x 6 posts and crossbeams and the roof is being replaced this week.


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