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If you need something to be built then you’ve probably hired a general contractor to make sure the work gets done. You may own a business and are looking to employ a general contractor or you may be a regular individual who wants to build on to your existing home or looking to build a new home entirely.

When you look into hiring a general contractor you are probably looking at several factors; their experience, their cost, and their knowledge on what you are hiring them to do. This doesn’t mean that someone young doesn’t have the skill set necessary to do a good job. On the flip side that doesn’t mean a general contractor in their 50’s will do a good job either.

You may hire a general contractor with decent reviews online who is within your budget range and experience a number of problems. Perhaps the initial cost of the project was wrong and you end up paying more than you planned. Or maybe the contractor rarely shows up to make sure that the labor is going smoothly or isn’t there to handle problems that arise.

Maybe your general contractor just stops showing up for work altogether and you’re left with raw materials and no labor force or contractor to finish the project until you hire an entirely new contractor. If your contractor doesn’t just up and quit you may find that he or she may not be as skilled in the project as you were lead to believe. Not everything may be done correctly and up to code leaving you with more problems than you started with.

A good general contractor is what everyone wants for their project either at work or at home. If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a bad general contractor then help inform others of who it is that needs to be avoided. Share with us who you hired and what they did to cause your complaints here at

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