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Last Updated On: November 30, 2017

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Business Name: Royal Dutch Shell PLC
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2 Houston Center 909 Fannin St # 100
Houston, Texas 77010 USA

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Phone Number: 888-467-4355
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Average Rating: 1.41 out of 5
Based On: 48 Reviews
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Reported Losses: $21,661.28
Average Reported Losses: $451.28

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Blind woman refusal

Just witnessed one of Shells staff members working outside refuse entry to a registered blind woman with a guide dog on ‘health and safety’ grounds.

Absolutely disgusting, very demeaning to the woman to have to ask a stranger to go in and get her paper for her as she was visually impaired and not allowed in.

The door was actually read out to him which stated guide dogs are allowed and this was dismissed.

How upsetting to watch.

This happened at Shell Garage Shipston Road Stratford UK Upon Avon.

Please take action and would be grateful for a response as I would hate for anyone else to go through this. This was the outdoor staff not the counter staff who was lovely and wasn’t aware this had happened.

Thanks and please keep me updated, I will happily take this to local media as I do have contacts in the area if not satisfactorily dealt with.

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We are having problems with our Shell credit card. They receive payment before the due date but don’t post to the account until after the due date – which give us fees and charges. We have been sending the payments through our banks bill pay so I have all the exact dates of when the check was cut, received and posted by Shell. When you call the customer service it goes to a help desk that is of no help. They can not give you any information or assistance, so don’t bother to call. We switched to Shell when the… Read more »

have a $ 50. gift card purchased from publix sup marketer,bought gas $ 30. worth in homassasa fl station. went to use it for the remaining $ 20. at the shell station in dade city fl,I was told it was empty,they also told me the two $ 10. cards from humana were empty.tried to reach some one in shell ,no one to help me.told me to contact publix and humana.some one or shell is cheating me,it won`t happen again.

Two Shell stations in NJ have told me they no longer accept my (valid) SHELL credit card. I have received no notifications of Shell policy changes. Why is this happening? It is no longer worthwhile to maintain a Shell account.

On December 26, 2015 my daughter went to the Shell Gas Station located in Helotes Texas 78023. 13041 Bandera Rd. As she was leaving the parking lot a damaged cover plate located on the Eastside of the Gas pumps lifted up as she drove over the plate, doing a great deal of damage to my wife’s Mercedes. We called the Helotes police department and made a report. I have left a message with Gasgo Markets Inc. Supervisor a number of different times to speak with the owner Kurt Q. Anderson of Boerne Tx. And the response from the Supervisor Michelle… Read more »

I have a Wynndixie reward card, howerer,I noticed that Shell stations, notably corner of Sheradan Street, HJollywood charging $0.50 over other than stations. It is a REAL SCAM

I have a bad experience at this gas station Merchant 15800 on 10-27-13 I have a reward card try to used went to register she asking for my credit card to swaped in the register I told her need 89 octanes gasoline she set me up for 93 octanes asked to cancel the transaction she swap the credit card again by that time I was so heat that I decide to cancel the hold transation I decide to take off did not put the gas in the car any way they try to charge me twice for a gas that… Read more »
I will never purchase gas here again. This morning, I ordered $20 worth of gas, as did the lady behind me. The gas attendant pumped over fourty dollars for each of us. Unfortunately, I only had $22 and some change. The manager insisted that I could not leave until the bill was paid. I told her that I could not pay money that I didn’t have. Then, she threatened to call the police. I told her to go ahead and call the police. In hindsight, maybe I should have called the police myself. I didn’t know what to do. Do… Read more »

I am very disappointed that SHELL would have a set up of the PRESIDENT being HUNG with shell pumps in the background i think by Boycotting your company this should send a CLEAR MESSAGE that this type of behavior is not WELCOMED

I had a Winn Dixie credit of 85 cents per gal up to 20gal. The Shell station shut the pump off at 17 gal. The station said there was nothing they could or would do about the problem and that they did not care. They were extremely discourtius. After talking to the Winn Dixie manager he told me he had received many complaints about this Shell station. I will not return to this station. Do you care enough to offer a solution? Please advise me when the management changes so I can return to this station. Sun City Shell 711… Read more »
On Tuesday July 31 2012 at 11:19:55 AM at Shell Station at 17725 Foothill Blvd Fontana, Ca 92335. The total was $59.00 and a Ultimate Wash for $8.99. Invoice # 039495. I didn’t have time for the car wash and the receipt stated I had until 10/29/2012. On Sunday 08/04/2012 i proceeded to get a car wash that I previously paid for and the machine malfunctioned and only gave me the $5.99 Express Wash. I went into the store and told the clerk and she didn’t understand! She went and talked to her manager and came back and said there… Read more »

I’m Patel,texi driver,regular customer for this shell sites, Shell Pepys corner,shell rivers dale and shell ace of spades. These sites retailer still not give to the last month(may) salary for his staffs,,every month same like that.mostly all staffs are students,there are some times working 24 hours.please take any actions. Thank you.


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