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Close allows users to complain about Gas & Oil companies, businesses, or websites. If a Gas & Oil company has done something wrong to you submit a consumer complaint today and let the world know to watch our for this company.

No one should be surprised that there are more than a few people who would like to run complaints about gas oil corporations. Many Americans as well as people around the world would love to give these oil rich tycoons a piece or two of their minds. And the frustration only grows in cases such as the oil spill in the gulf.

While much has been done to clean up the spill and help protect the environment many do wonder about how much gas oil companies have skipped corners to save a few bucks when they’re the ones that have more than enough money to spare. Cleaning up the Gulf of Mexico was no cheap task and it hurt a lot of peoples’ businesses besides the poor animals that call the area home.

Many people have complaints of wrong doing committed by the gas oil companies: either perceived or truly wrong. But, while we may not like how they speculate on what gas prices should be their artificial fear or numbers creates a very real increase in what we pay for in the end. Gas Oil Corporations have a lot of lobbying power in government too. They are able to fund the research they want funded and use their powers of persuasion to block environmental protection acts that may end up costing their business more.

And if you or someone you know works for a gas oil company than you may have more inside knowledge to complain about. How do the companies treat their employees? How does the company treat the general public? While they may fund and sponsor community organizations it may be used as a public relations shield for not so friendly public actions the companies may be making.

If you have complaint about a gas oil corporation then there are lots of others who would love to hear your complaint. Corporations are prime targets for love-hate relationships because of the power they hold both over the public’s lives and the power they lobby in government. So if you have a complaint feel free to share it here at You’ll probably find you’re not alone with your complaints.

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