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Last Updated On: December 27, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: TeleBrands Inc
Corporate Address:
79 Two Bridges Rd
Fairfield, New Jersey 07004 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 973-244-0300
Corp Email: lynda@telebrands.com
Company Contact: Ajit Khubani - President
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.14 out of 5
Based On: 14 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 14

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $164.93
Average Reported Losses: $11.78

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Non performing hose

We use two hoses one connected to the other. Our garden is approximately 75 ft. from the water spigot therefore we can shut the water off at the end of the first hose (#1) so we can re-position sprinkler at end of second hose (#2) without running the full distance from sprinkler to water spigot to turn water back on.

We had shut the water off at hose #1 and were in the process of re-positioning sprinkler when there was a fountain of water straight up in the air.

I inspected hose #1 and there was outward visible damage. I then turned the water back on from hose (#1) and there was literally not enough water available to operate the sprinkler.

I then disconnected hose (#1) from hose (#2) and again opened water spigot to allow water at the output of hose (#1). There was little or no water at the output. Then I realized hose(#1) did not retract as it normally did without water flowing through it.

I called Pocket Hose and was informed that I had to take a picture of the hose and provide a brief description of what happened and email then the information.

I then emailed customerservice@pockethoseultra.com. After four attempts at email delivery and no response I went to another web site and tried once again to make contact with the company.

About a week later I did receive a response stating they had received my email and I would be hearing from their customer support within 24-48 hours that was now two weeks ago with nothing yet.

Most Recent Reviews

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Had 3 of these hoses and all sprung a leak within several months. No help from the place of purchase. Sounds like many others have had the same complaint.

I have now purchased (6) of these hoses; the bullet and others offered from this company. There is what appears to be a silicone hose on the inside of the fabric one. In each instance these have separated from inside of the fabric one. I’ve noted that the fabric one starts to leak which tells me that something is going on with the silicone one inside. I love the lightness of this hose and the fact that it shrinks inside as the water leaves it. None of these hoses have lasted one entire summer season. However don’t like the fact… Read more »

Mine popped hole in middle have not heard back from pocket hose

vraiment déçu de notre achat. Acheté par deux fois et toujours le même probleme. Ce n’est pas très bon et pas fiable.

had new hose less than 3 weks. It started leaking in the center of this 75 foot/ 3/4inch hose. Called Pocket Hose and spoke with a gentleman who could do nothing for me. I cannot recommend this to my friends or family. Love the concept and flexiblity but the quality is lacking.

Used my Pocket Hose for less than six months and it burst in the middle of the hose. Very poor quality product.

This is 4th hose. Just in case you think you are not reading correct;y..1 hose, 2 hose, 3 hose after that the 4th one.
I was wondering if these people teste the product before they release it in the market.

Within hours of placing my order my credit card was hacked! This was the ONLY charge that was placed on that card within an 18 day period of time so there is NO DOUBT THESE PEOPLE ARE THIEVES!!! I did not even get my order! SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! STAY AWAY!

I purchased 2 of these houses a 50′ and a 75′ last year got them out this year and both hoses are split just crap I lost 80 bucks down the drain

Just like the original pocket hose, this about four, or five uses and popped a hole. Its crap, just like the original. I just sent the company a nasty message and a refund request….I’m not holding my breath…………….

Will anything ever going to be done for the people that have purchased these hoses.? I guess we will see but doubtful..

I have bought two of these hoses. One 50 foot last year that the seams busted open on. Then I got one more in the fall same hose. Took it from the shed to use its March 7th by the way and YES.!! BUSTED AGAIN.!! Iwill never buy one again. Its Ridiculous.

I brought 3 pocket house’s …they all sprung leaks…I also brought that stuff to fill in bare spots on grass doesn’t work…tried to get my money back …can’t reach anyone…

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