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Last Updated On: January 3, 2018

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Business Name: Tristar Products, Inc.
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500 Returns Road
Wallingford, Connecticut 06495 USA

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Phone Number: 973-287-5160
Corp Email: infotp@tristarproductsinc.com
Company Contact: Keith Mirchandani - President
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Average Rating: 1.13 out of 5
Based On: 152 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 235

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $10,245.24
Average Reported Losses: $67.40

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Flex-able Hose Quality Control where are you?

I saw the Flexable Hose in numerous commercials last year and thought it a great idea. Specifically liked the fact that it was light weight as I have a bad back and pulling a rubber hose around was extremely difficult for me. After half a dozen uses over a period of 3 months I was pulling the hose back and the next thing I knew it had sprung a leak in the middle section of the hose. I got to the hose bib, turned water off and went to investigate where the leak was.

The dacron fabric was ripped and it was apparent that the hose underneath had a hole in it. I returned it to Walmart, received a refund, and purchased another one. I have had the second one for approximately two months and again used about 1/2 a dozen times and the exact same thing happened. Another blowout! The concept of the hose, lightweight, expandable and easy storage is great. Your description of “tough grade”, “double wall construction” are totally misleading.

It does not live up to this description. I would never purchase one of your products again. Judging by the number of complaints you might want to check into your manufacturer’s quality control and verify that they are in fact using the product grades you advertise.

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We also brought 2 hoses. The first one in 2015 boating season it burst. The second one my husband bought in 2016 the newer stronger version, it did not last two boating seasons before it burst. Like many other consumers we had our receipt went back to Walmart only to be told it was over 90 days. I contacted Tristar only be told in short “too bad, no exchange or refund. good ahead complain if you want.” I have posted a notice to all my friends on Facebook informing them of this problem with the Flex Hose and NOT to… Read more »

Would like my money refunded, brought 0ne every season and don’t even last a growing season. Never going to buy this again, This is a rip off. Someone needs to be held accountable. Has anyone got their money refunded through the company? Walmart has a time limit of 90 days. And then it is not cover. So the product only last three months. Ridicules! Judy

I have purchased a total of 4 hoses and each one of them has busted a leak. I believe that this product is a rip off! Tried to return this last one to Walmart but it has been over 90 days! I wanted to file a complaint! Never again will I purchase one of these!!!!

this hose is junk

Within a few seconds after turning on the water, my FlexableHose burst. That was $20.00 down the drain! How disappointing.

Pulled it out of box, hooked it up, 2 leaks from the first time we used it. Trash

There was a Class Action Suit on those pocket hoses. Google it. Not sure if it’s still going on.

Do not waste your money on the pocket hoses, coiled hoses or those that state flexible.

The pocket hoses burst right away from pressure.

The alleged flexible hoses are not and kink up a lot

The coiled hoses …horrible…you will be spending all your time
untangling them , tripping over them and maneuvering with them plus the water pressure is zilch…

I would guess that the coiled hoses are made by the same company for everyone and that each store has a different name on them.Bottom line…coiled hoses are worse than pocket hoses

$50.00 down the drain!!! They freakin explode!!! They were new and they are crap!! I would love to shove these down the manufactures throat!! Will be buying the heavy old kind!! They need to refund everyone their money!!!

The FlexAble hose is the worst product I’ve ever bought, and I’m 66 years old, so that’s a lot of products. I bought 3 of their 100′ hoses and all three developed significant leaks in short order. They are light weight, and they don’t tangle, but they don’t work for very long either. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this product.

I think I was dumber than all other customers, because I don’t even remember how many I bought. They all burst open after a few uses, although I have always been very creful and treated the products with the utmost care. Every time I got an offer I was told that this hose was the original, much stronger than the previous one and it would not break. I have a large garden and take care of it mostly by myself. The idea is so good that I am still dreaming of finding the perfec original, patented product. I live in… Read more »
I like the idea, but unfortunately quality is a huge issue for this hose. First, the fittings on either end are plastic and they leak. I took mine out of the box, read all the instructions, turned on the water slowly and allowed the hose to expand slowly… immediately a leak at the faucet, but on closer inspection, it’s a pin hole leak in the plastic itself. Same thing on the other end, 2 pin hole leaks as soon as the hose expanded. No sense in returning it, since there is a lot of hassle (which they count on) and… Read more »

i purchase my Flexable Hose 3 weeks a goes. suddenly it One of them burst out without any pressure. junk items. Do not purchase them.

I purchase 4 hose at once and three of them have broken. in every case they ignore my complaint. do not buy any of this junk!!! I know of no way to be made whole. help!!!

I was dumb enough to purchase a 2nd hose…thinking that the reason it exploded was something that I had done dragging it around or something. Wrong Wrong Wrong…I treated my 2nd hose with great care and it still EXPLODED on the floor of my workshop while I went inside to get something…My entire workshop was flooded…It ruined more stuff that I care to mention…$19.99 cost this consumer about $1000.00 in water damage…………..

this company should be ashamed of itself.i purchased two hoses at different stores and the first one sprung a leak the second ,the inside just came into and water started gushing everwhere.i bought one last year that one lasted pretty my watering season.Then it had little pin holes all over it.This product should never be sold anywhere.

Disappointed Customer

We loved our flex hoses because of how light weight they are, but of the four I purchased, two of them ruptured after the first year, and the second two ruptured this year. This would be a great hose if it did not rupture inside. Such a disappointment.


My 2nd hose just broke after only three months of little use. One hose left. When breaks I go back to my old rubber hose. These flex ablehose hoses are nothing but junk. Although I will admit it was a good idea…….

I ordered this hose from Publishers Clearing House, same price as I see here. They claimed it was much cheaper. Not a bargain. Now, I want to use it, and cannot open the container it came in. I think this is a rip off. I was fooled, but not again.

Had 2 hoses for 2 years (luved them) no problem till I left them in sun. Sprung leaks. Inner latex hose hates sun. Also our pressure is low 50-60 PSI so I think they are not rated for 120 PSI city pressure

Great concept, but a waste of money. I had two of these hoses and neither of them lasted after several months of use. They sprung a leak in the middle of the hose which made them impossible to use without getting soaked. I tried to contact the company and they only have their website set up for ordering.

I purchased my 75′ 11 months ago and the connection broke then the new one they sent that I had to pay for just burst end in the middle. They will now not cover anything. What a waste of money

I have had 2 of these hoses. They pull apart at each end. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!! Go ahead and buy it and you’ll see what I mean.


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