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Last Updated On: January 3, 2018

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Business Name: Room's R Us
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131 pamplico Hwy magnolia mall
Florence, South Carolina USA

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Phone Number: 843-667-0782
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 3 Reviews
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Reported Losses: $3,508.00
Average Reported Losses: $1,169.33

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Will Take Your Money And Write You Fraudulent Checks

Rooms r us! They will take your money and write you fraudulent checks! Fact!

I went into the rooms r us located in Florence sc on 2-26-2014. I purchased a set of 700.00 bunk beds. I was told by Lorenzo (store manager) that i would receive them within 3 to 5 days and that it doesn’t take long for there inventory to come in. That the warehouse is good with those things. I called them 3-4-2014 and spoke with the girl named crystal and asked for Lorenzo, she asked who was calling i told her she put me on hold and then told me he was busy right now could she take my number and she would have him call me back. I never received a phone call….

Long story short every time i would call crystal would take my number down or Lorenzo would take it down..She would say he was supposed to call me and if he answered he would say she was supposed to call me.I asked for the owners number and i asked if they could give him mines. I was told they cant give it to me but they will see that he gets mines. I called and spoke with Lorenzo he told me one time that the order was delayed because of snow weather. I spoke with hm again on a Thursday he said that the beds would arrive that afternoon and he would give me a call when they arrived to arrange a set up date he never called me.

I called that Friday and crystal stated that Lorenzo was suppose to call me to tell me that the beds were on back-order when he just told me Thursday they were on there way to the store they were going to arrive that afternoon. She then went to say she didn’t know why he said that so i asked her don’t they check to see if the furniture is on back-order before they order it she stated she did not do the ordering and that Lorenzo wanted me to come in and order some more beds…I was fed up. I told her i wanted my money back. She said that she would let him know to give me a call.

I called back that Monday and he stated that i could get my money back but the owner tony would have to cut the check that he couldn’t cut it..He said the owner would be in the next day..This story went on for a whole week..Different people telling me the owner will be here tomorrow at 12:00….Even told me that the owner was at the store in Conway so i got a friend to call and ask for the number to the Conway store and crystal told him that they don’t have a store in Conway.

When i told Lorenzo about this he stated its not opened yet they are working on it…I finally was feed up. I called them and told them i was on my way i want my money i spoke with crystal…Lorenzo called me when he could never return my phone call he did that day and stated he wasn’t at the store that the owner was out of town and that he would be back tomorrow at 12…I said what i had to say he said what he had to say with the statement “miss locklear we get good business 700.00 is nothing for us to cut a check for your check will be ready when you get there”.

So i got there a guy named freddie and crystal was there i told them i was there to get my check and he said he would call the owner…Apparently the owner tony told him to give me a check..Finally!!! So you say! I took the check to my bank, deposited it and the banker told me it would be in there the next day..I ordered some beds off wal mart.Com 2 days later and went to the atm to get some money and it said $0.00! I talked to the banker she stated the check was nooooo good and that they did not have enough money in the bank to cash the $700.00 cover they wrote me..

In other words they wrote a check there a*s cant cash! I called them talked to crystal she said bring the overdraft fee paper i got and the check and they would write another one. I received a photocopy of the check (of course the banks not going to give me back a bad check) i called them and told them what i had and they hit me wit the usual they owner will be back Monday around 12….

So i’m taking matters into my own hands. I really hope that my story gets read i would not wish this trouble and headache and aggravation on anyone. They are the worst lairs and frauds i have ever met in my life and i’m a correctional officer.

Rooms R Us – Florence Sc Pamplico Hwy


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I totally agree I purchased a bedroom set from rooms r us. And that Lorenzo Brown is something else he also gave me the run around about my inventory. But when I finally got my merchandise. I decided that I wanted another night stand. And that’s when I found out that my set was pieces together when I Google the sku number off the box. My bed came from a completely different company than what my dresser,mirror,and night stand came from. Of course I was and am pissed. But I had this bed financed by a finance company so (they)… Read more »

I don’t know about others but my experience was very positive. We bought 3 rooms of furniture and there were issues of wrong items but they fixed the problem promptly. They were courteous and the manager made sure we were happy.

Go to Judge Mathis!!!


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