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Last Updated On: December 27, 2017

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Business Name: La-Z-Boy, Inc
Corporate Address:
1284 N Telegraph Rd
Monroe, Michigan 48162 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 734-241-2435
Company Contact: Kurt L Darrow - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.26 out of 5
Based On: 25 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 18

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $39,040.13
Average Reported Losses: $1,561.61

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Furniture is poorly made, we had issues within the first 30 days of ownership
I purchased a Niagara leather reclining sofa and chair set in February 17 2016. From then until now, your customer service has been called to our home 4 times! There is a design flaw in this set! The wood has cracked underneath but it’s just particle board, not real wood. The arms have been replaced, something else underneath the arms, screws, etc. We have no children here, just 2 adults.

We don’t mistreat furniture. We only got rid of our last leather sofa because it was bright red and would not match our new floors and new wall color; it was 12 years old and still in perfect condition but it was from The Leather Center, not La-Z-Boy. I have extended warranties on both items.

I received a voicemail from Angel from 214-631-1813 today stating that the person that took pictures of the furniture Wednesday August 17, 2016 sent them to your corporate office and corporate only wants to order new parts.

I don’t want new parts or for this sofa to be fixed on, I want my money back! I don’t trust this furniture! That’s like buying a brand new car and within 6 months the car has been back to the shop 4 times! That’s called a lemon and the dealership would be replacing that car or refunding all money paid!

Well, I want my money back so I can purchase better furniture! I expected much more from your company. I thought you stood behind your product, I thought you respected your customers. I don’t want to constantly to be reminded every time I look or sit on this furniture how horrible this experience is. I don’t trust this product! I plan to post reviews all over the Internet and social media about my experience with your company. Order number 0217606KXOL Total amount paid $3450.94 paid by check.

Also I just learned that a lot of their stores are franchises which means their corporate office (La-Z-Boy) can’t help even though these franchises are only selling La-Z-Boy products and their brand and logo and represent La-Z-Boy, ridiculous! For the money I spent, I expect better quality as well as better customer service.

Hello *********

Thank you for contacting La-Z-Boy Inc.

We apologize your experience has been less than satisfactory. La-Z-Boy Incorporated works through the independently owned and operated dealers for all sales and service matters. We call on the dealers to act on our behalf to inspect any furniture in question and to make repairs in accordance with our warranty terms. Our warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of defective parts.

You will have to continue working directly with Angel and your service department to come to a resolution. Again, our warranty terms signed at the time of purchase state that our warranty is limited to the repair/replacement of defective parts only.

Kindest Regards,
Lindsey L. Customer Service Representative La-Z-Boy Inc.
One La-Z-Boy Drive Monroe, MI 48162 (855) 802-6636
7 (734) 240-2421

My response:

I’ll say it again, I don’t want this furniture!!! This item has been discontinued and probably because of how it was made. The quality is very much lacking! I don’t want to do business with your company again because of this experience!

I have reported this company to the BBB and my next step is to contact the media regarding your practices. There was a case with McDonald’s where McDonalds tried to say that since it was a franchise and privately owned store that they didn’t feel they were responsible. The judge in the case stated that yes they were responsible because the store represented the McDonald’s brand and ruled in the plaintiff’s favor.

I was hoping this could be settled without litigation or media involvement and maybe at some point in time I would possibly become a customer again, but this lack of taking responsibility for your brand makes me re-think that.

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We have purchased LaZboy for many years. The last time we replaced recliners. That was about two years ago. Within the first 4-6 months the frame cracked. They ‘fixed’ it after lots of phone calls and pictures of the chair, Etc. While the man was here I asked about the way the chair shimmied and how the springs were set in so that my husband was always using an extra pillow under his butt because he could feel them. The man said that’s the new way they put them together and it’s supposed to be better. It’s not. This month… Read more »
I bought a sectional three months ago. One section the cushions filling have been cut short. I have complained twice about that. Once they sent me the wrong part, the next time I received another filling cut too short again. When I first recieved my sectional the accent pillows matched the couch! lol So far, I have complained four times! This last time they wanted pictures. The store sent them pictures of the new cushions so I don’t know why they need mine. Years ago, Lazy Boy had an excellent name! I don’t know what happened. For $3000.00 I qould… Read more »

lazyboy quality

bought astor model march 2015. slowly but surely it bgan falling apart 13 months later. lazy sent pep to repair. cost 400dollars plus many parts. 12/2016 it needed another makeover. their rep insituated the chair was shot.their customer care said the broken chair is due to normal wear and tear. i am 75 tears old and really not hard on furniture and i live by myself. so far chair has cost me 1000 dollars and now they want me to pay for parts and labor…bs..shouldn’t a lazy boy have a longer lif then twoor three years. very poor quality and… Read more »
we bought 2 recliners paid 699..00 each plus the extended warrenty over 2000.00 these are the worst chairs I have ever bought they were on sale were suppose to be over 1000.00 each they chairs I threw out were still more comfortable then these. they didn’t feel like that in the store we had company sit in them and they they felt wore out. lazy boy had 2 new seats installed but they are still no better I emailed lazy boy about this issue and to this date have not had no reponse DO NOT BUY FROM LAZY BOY IF… Read more »
I am beyond angry. Somehow assumed that the Lazy Boy name represented superior quality and customer service. Neither are true. Spent close to $5000 on December 31 and after 3 visits from a repair rep, the issue with the rocker has only been made worse. To add salt to the wound the promised phone call I was supposed to get by the end of today did not happen. I am very busy but I will invest as much time as necessary to make sure I share my experience with as many as possible. Shame on Lazy Boy. I wish I… Read more »

Appalling customer service or, more precisely, nonexistent. After being treated horribly by their Denver service dept., I attempted to contact their Corporate Office in Michigan. After four e-mails and one letter to the CEO, I have yet to hear one word from them. I suspect they believe that, if they simply put theirs heads in the sand and ignore customer concerns, they don’t have a problem.
Research the net and ask your friends, before you buy from this company. After you o, you likely wont.

Ok, here is the reason why quality is no longer in La-Z-boy furniture. They no longer have quality control for approximately the last 4 years. They have implemented “piece work” in there production. If you don’t know what that is, do a quick search. They no longer (for the most part) use solid wood. They now use particleboard in the majority of there construction. All of these changes affect durability and quality in a negative way. All of these changes have made them big profits and has not reduced as far as I can see the ver all prices of… Read more »
Sheryl McKeown-Harper
We ordered furniture Jan 1st 2017. Delivery was promised 5-7 weeks (feb 15th-ish). We are being told March 16th. I have called various people to no avail. Most are rude. I got one lady to call me back who appeared to care enough to call the store to see what she could do and/or provide some credit for the inconvenience. I have yet to hear back from her. And cannot get a hold of her. The staff is blocking attempts to contact her. Will not provide an email address. None of the things they offer to do are helpful or… Read more »
I am on a limited income and wanted to purchase a recliner that would last me for quite some time. I purchased a recliner from Lazy Boy a $1,000 electric recliner and from day one I have had problems with the comfort of the chair with the squeaking in the legs the reclining squeaking they came by and replaced three quarters of the chair and had to also replace the stuffing or add more stuffing to the chair because it started sagging. I have now been waiting for 1 month and 2 weeks and 3 days for more material so… Read more »
I'll never buy another lazyboy
O wow! What a headache ,no rest at night,blood pressure sky high from lazy boy . Can’t believe I’m having the same problem you are having yes I have a lazy boy that was purchased by a relative of mine it’s electric it’s also rocker bottom part of mine came from underneath it a black screw that’s plastic just bust completely into parts when I was reclining the chair foot rest up. I called the beginning of January to set an appointment for a repairman to come out and fix it because after all we did pay the extra money… Read more »
I purchased a leather in 2013, and also purchased the 5 year protection plan which was a waste of my money. The arms of the chair are worn and the back of the chair shows wear. When I asked about coverage on the plan I was told it only covered soil damage. Why wasn’t I told this when I purchased the chair. It is shoddy workmanship. And LaZBoy does not work with their customers. I will never purchase another La Z Boy item again and also warn my friends to not purchase anything either. This is a disgrace.

Latest Lazyboy commercial with Brooke Shields is extremely offensive and sexist. It talks about hoping their next child won’t be a boy because only boys are active and can possibly mess up the sofa.
Please take this off the air.

WE too purchased fabric set and a leather set from Lazyboy… Very toxic smell still a month later, they stated they did not use chemicals they do!! they had to send a replacement piece.. pressed board! both sets are already coming apart. waste of money… will fight with charge card and them as not even 30 days! and disaster! I thought brand name equal good quality……….. oh so wrong!!

We bought a electric recliner because it was much easier for me to push a. Uttin then use the handle to go up and down well the. Heap bar that brings up the foot test has broke two times the warranty won’t cover it because they say it’s abuse but no one sits on end of it and it is down all the way before I get out no way I could get out unless it was down but they say it breaks because of abuse no it breaks because it’s cheap thin aluminum bar ! This was not a… Read more »

We purchased a LA Z Boy “leather match” sofa and loveseat a few years ago, within two years the vinyl on the match began to crack and fall off, this condition continues to get progressively worse and now looks like something you’d find in a flop house! They should be ashamed to sell crap like this BUT they’re not! They could not care less!
I would not buy La Z Boy furniture ever again…….it’s pure JUNK!!!!

I purchased a rocker recliner on line from La-Z-Boy, the reviews were great but having 3 bulging disc, the chair did not work for me. I called them to see if I would be able to return it and receive a store credit and was told that there would be a 30% stocking fee plus the delivery fee which would have come to $252.00. So there is no "may be " charged restocking fee, there will definitely be a charge PLUS delivery. The chair was not special order and I took what was in stock.. I was very surprised that… Read more »
I know what the person here is saying. The type of furniture for the price is a big loss to consumers. We bought 5000 worth of furniture, more like 800 deal. My husband’s recliner is squeaking and I am afraid it might be breaking after 3 months as well as the chairs that are made so poorly it is more likely to be good for an office waiting room. THey do look bad and very uncomfortable. We asked them for taking them back and they won’t, so we are stuck with it. But every day, I pray that the corporation… Read more »

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