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Last Updated On: December 25, 2016

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Lost $7000 sale over a recliner!

I purchased a home the week of Thanksgiving (2014) and had very little furniture. I spent weeks going from one store to another learning about furniture, warranty, and return policy’s. I finally decided that Kane’s Furniture in Ocoee Florida had the best deal as far as quality furniture, price, financing, warranty, and a 48 hour return policy. After spending hours at the store sitting in and measuring furniture I decided to buy a living room set, bedroom set, with a $1700 box spring and I-Cloud mattress totaling close to $7000.

When the items arrived a little over a week later for delivery I explained where I wanted everything. The delivery team (2 men) placed everything close to where I wanted it but said final placement was left to me and I had to remove the tags and clean off the finger prints and smudges. They were unable to deliver the chest due to severe damage and took it back. It was at this point when all was unloaded that they informed me there was no recliner on the order. The recliner was the center piece of everything. The recliner was the most important piece of all. I sat in the recliner at the store several times to make sure I was happy with it.

We called there boss who made it clear the recliner was not on the order and I would have to contact the customer service department at the store. The delivery people left and I decided to go to the store and see what happened. Upon my departure I see all this paper and pieces left in my yard from assembling the furniture. I had to get out and clean it up myself.

Once at the store in Ocoee Florida I went to there customer service department and spoke with a Maddy… short version – she made it clear “I” had left the recliner off the order and I would have to pay the $600 if I wanted it. Yes, I reviewed the order with the sales rep before the purchase but what she was calling the recliner I was calling the love seat. All I heard was recliner and when we reviewed the order she agreed to everything. Terminology was the issue! I ask to return the furniture for a full refund under the 48 hour cancellation policy and was told that the 48 hours was from when I signed the papers… not from delivery date.


Plus, “IF” for some reason they chose to take the furniture back there would be a 20% restock fee. The store customer service rep Maddy was standing firm that if I wanted the recliner I would have to pay for it. I ask for a manager and was told no managers were available. Later I saw on her card her title was manager. I ask for a corporate service rep. I was given a phone number to a location in St Peterburg.

I called a Shanon McCarthy and explained what happened. I was so unhappy with my treatment I wanted to return everything. She ask for time to review the information. I had no problem with the furniture itself but if this poor treatment was happening now, how bad would it be if I really needed them? I had become so frustrated but I also wanted to resolve this issue. Shannon offered a 10% restock fee to take the furniture back. That was unacceptable. Why should I pay any fee/penalty for there mistake and poor customer service. I offered to pay for half the recliner cost of $300 to end this matter. Shannon accepted my offer. However, the new $1700 I-Cloud mattress promoted to be “cooler” to sleep on… wasn’t and I wanted to return it. Since I wanted to return the mattress the in-store $300 credit for buying the mattress would not be refunded. In essence, I just lost the $300 for the recliner.

I was insulted and now even more upset with Kane’s Furniture. I responded with a “come get your furniture” and I will pay the 10% restock fee. I was at the point that I would rather give them $600 plus dollars to get rid of them and deny them a $7000 sale. As a businessman myself their logic made no sense whatsoever. I would easily pay half in an effort to keep a customer, maintain that relationship for years to come, and create a good referral potential. Instead I have cost them my $7000 sale, my neighbors who were ready to buy will not use Kane’s (they bought $10,000 from another furniture store), and other friends and family members who now know not to use Kane’s. Plus, how many others they will tell and how many others I will tell until the day I die!

We made arrangements for them to pick up the furniture and the delivery people (same two guys) came by to pick it up. They dropped the love seat on there way out, the driver refused to touch the mattress leaving it for the other guy to drag out to the truck on his own. When done I ask for them to sign my emails from Kane’s customer service showing all the items being returned. The driver refuses. Even when his boss authorized him to sign over the phone he refused. Then the driver tried to intimate me into signing his forms, I refused.

Just a poor experience from start to finish with Kane’s Furniture. BUYERS BEWARE!

Kane’s Furniture www.kanesfurniture.com – 9775 W. Colonial Dr Ocoee, Florida 34761 | 407-521-1905

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